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I'm so excited to be a part of this process! Looking forward to seeing what all you creatives can do!

**** Let me tell you about me****

I am wanting a logo which will go on the first frame of my website and on my business card.

I am starting a new Jewelry business. It will be called GoldnSshine. I will be making all the jewelry sold and all the jewelry will be the color gold. I am honoring the sun and all that it represents.

The jewelry business is in part about selling jewelry, but the motivation behind it is about more. I will be donating 20% of my proceeds to fight cruelty to animals- in specific the greatest cruelty of the grandest scale-- to aid those helpless and appallingly abused animals in factory farms.

My website will be used to sell my jewelry, but the jewelry will be a reason to get people to visit my site which will be a lot about educating people about the horrific suffering involved in factory farming and educating people about the the effects on global warming, world hunger, individual health etc. The site will give information about positive changes that people can make to make a difference.

I have chosen a background for both the face of the website and the business card. The logo created will go on top. The logo will be the same for the website and the card. The only difference will be that the card will have an extra line of information and the web address. The background for the website is a short animated clip of reflections of sunlight on water. The background for the card is a still of what looks like zoomed in shot of those reflections.

The logo will be made of the word GoldnShine with a subtitle ( in smaller letters) "jewelry reflecting compassion".

The business card will have a line of small text at the bottom: 20% proceeds donated for the relief of animal suffering as well as the web address: www.GoldnShine.com

The finished/ frozen logo will be used on the bus card.

I am thinking that the logo might be made out of the color of the light itself, though I'm not sure it would be able to stand out from the background in that case. Possibly a color in the gold spectrum or a complimentary color would work.

I'm imagining that the logo would simply be made of the words themselves ( along with the subtitle). I'm thinking that anything extra might be too much. I am absolutely open to being proven wrong here and offer suggestions not as limitations, but guides.

I am thinking that the "n" after "Gold", which separates it from "Shine" would be set apart somehow... at least that it would be smaller than the other letters and/or used as a link between the 2 words Gold and Shine. I am thinking that Gold should start with a capitol "G" and Shine should start with a capitol "S" to further distinguish them as words apart from the connecting "n".

I like rounded, soft fonts. I'd be turned away from sharp edges, or anything comical or ornate. I love simplicity. The simpler the better. The cleaner the better. I'm hoping for something peaceful to the eye. I'd want to stay away from too much complexity. Scripted or printed letters could be OK. I probably wouldn't want the logo to be too tiny on the background, but I wouldn't want the logo to overwhelm the background either. I like rounds and curves not straight lines and boxes...


The logo will be used on the entry page/ face of website and on the bus card


Will most likely be women. Also I may advertise in animal rights circles/ places that support compassionate assistance for animals. I will be providing information about the symbolism of the materials and stones used in the jewelry so it will appeal to people who have a sense of the magical. That being said I'm turned off to a look that is too "airy-fairy". My site/ work may appeal to people who are tuned into things spiritual.


...as specified above. I have looked thru many designs but have decided not to limit by using specific designs as a basis. Hopefully the description above will be enough to get you going.


For the website face:


"Jewelry reflecting compassion"

For the business card:

in addition to above: "20% proceeds donated for the relief of animal suffering" & the website address: www.GoldnShine.com

The still photo #17706268.jpg is the background for the bus card



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