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We're Distilled Brilliance, a small software consultancy headquartered in Charlottesville, VA and with presences in a few other cities. We're young and have been growing pretty fast. The supply of our original run of 1,000 business cards has nearly run out, so we're taking the opportunity to refresh our look.

Enter crowdSPRING and its talented pool of creative professionals! We're looking for you to help us get a better business card and stationery.


We need designs for our business card, two designs for our envelopes (see below), and our letterhead. Ultimately we must have an .AI, an .EPS, and a .PNG file for each item, for a total of twelve files (four items; three files for each item).

Please see below for constraints and requirements that have to be met for our printers.


Technically-minded customers who understand the value of good software are our main audience. We also want to attract other people interested in software in general.


We like [ http://s3.envato.com/files/139531.jpg ] as an example of the minimalist look. There's a couple of design elements here but they're not too distracting, and it's easy to see the important information.


--- [[ Constraints ]] ---

A few technical constraints have to be met, for printing purposes.

* For all files,

-- Submit a file that is 1/8" larger on each side than the finished dimensions (leaving 1/8" bleed along all edges).

-- Do not position textual elements any closer than 1/8" to the finished edge (or 1/4" from the submitted file's edges).

-- Our mailing address is "Distilled Brilliance, 455 Second Street SE, Charlottesville, VA 22901, United States of America".

* Also,

-- Use of our logo somewhere on each submission is required. See the "supporting files" section below. You may scale the logo to any size, but all other transformations (moving the graphical element around, spacing the words apart, et cetera) are not allowed; do not modify the logo directly.

-- Our logo font is Klavika (I think it's the Medium variant, but I can't remember exactly).

-- Either embed all fonts you use directly into the file so that they can be edited later (including any Klavika variants, if you use them), or distribute all such fonts with your submission.

-- Text other than in the logo itself should not be in colors similar to our logo.


* For our business card,

-- The finished dimensions are 3.5" x 2".

-- Either a vertical (portrait) or a horizontal (landscape) orientation is acceptable.

-- Include our mailing address.

-- Include my name ("John Feminella") and position title ("Principal Consultant").

-- Include my e-mail address ("johnf.pub@distb.net").

-- Include our phone number, "+1-434-515-2487". You must keep the order of the digits and the "+", but you can substitute the hyphens with another character if you so choose.

-- Not required, but it would be cool if you can work in our core focus areas: "agile software consulting", "application construction and development", "domain modeling", and "proposal writing and technical documentation". (Perhaps these could appear on the reverse of the card?) Don't include these if it clutters things up too much, though.


* For our envelope,

-- The finished dimensions are for a standard size 10 letter envelope, 4 1/8" by 9 1/2".

-- Include our mailing address.

-- We're in the United States. The custom here is that stamps and other postal markings go in the upper-right, so leave this area blank.

-- Our logo should be incorporated somewhere into region containing our mailing address (see attached files).

We need two envelope designs:

-- One design should contain our mailing address in the upper-left. We use this for sending mail to people.

-- One design should contain our mailing address in the center; that is, it's self-addressed. We use this so that people can mail things to us.


* For our stationery,

-- The finished dimensions are for a standard US letter size paper, 8 1/2" by 11".

-- Include our mailing address.

--- [[ Supporting files ]] ---

Please see the attached file, `business-card-template.gif`, for an overview of the size of the submitted file should look like for our business card. As noted above, the same rules apply for the envelope and the stationery: no textual elements within 1/8" of the finished dimensions, and the file must be 1/8" bigger than the finished dimensions to allow bleed room.

We've also attached vector images (EPS, AI) of our logo for use in the design. We've also attached raster images (PNG) for reference, but do not use raster images in the final submitted file. There are two logo styles: one has the textual and graphical elements together on a single line, and one has the graphical element above the textual element.



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