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Business Info

Business Name

Schedule Associates International, LLC

What do you do?

We provide training (and a small amount of consulting & curriculum development) on how to finish projects on time, on budget, and in a quality fashion. Our training falls into two categories:1) training on project management concepts which focuses on best practices, industry standards and techniques for successfully finishing projects, and 2) training on how to use Microsoft Project (software) to develop schedules, staffing plans, and spending plans.

Most of our training is live training that takes place in a classroom although we do some online training.

We have been in business for over eight years and generally have a reputation for quality thorough training that emphasizes application of the content in the real world.

We develop our own courseware (books) for use in the training.

What is the exact name you would like in your stationery?

Schedule Associates International

You'll receive designs for biz cards, letterhead and envelopes.

Our primary interest is in business cards, but we would be interested in letterhead and envelop design as well. We have a logo and tagline (file attached, though may need higher res file) so are not interested in logo design. We also have course book covers and would like the stationery to be consistent with the colors in those book covers.

We expect the business cards will have to be two-sided to fit the desired content along with a QR code.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

We are a professional services organization providing training to adults. Our training tends to be somewhat technical in nature.

Describe the target audience for your stationery

We have two main audiences: 1) decision makers who are interested in purchasing training for their employees and, 2) participants in the classes. Members of both audiences may be in business, non-profits, or the government sector. Almost all of our training is delivered within the US and our target audiences are English speaking.

Most members of our target audience have four or more years of college education and we tend to do a lot of business in high-tech areas such as healthcare, research and development, and defense.

Many of the prospects we deal with are looking for quality training delivered by someone who "really knows their stuff." They are often busy professionals looking for solutions/help with real world problems that they are facing, either as individuals or as an organization.

They may be looking to spend $1,000-$20,000 for the training.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your stationery?

1) We are a quality professional organization.
2) Customers can turn to us for expertise. (We know what we are doing within our area of specialization.)
3) Customers/prospects will benefit/gain value by working with us.

Style and Concept

What stationery styles do you like?

Don't see that much so don't have any samples/styles in mind.

What colors do you want to see in your stationery?

Would like the colors to be compatible with those in the attached book cover file.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your stationery?

Colors that are incompatible with those in the attached book cover file.

What adjectives should best describe your stationery?

professional, clean, crisp, uncluttered, friendly, approachable, not dated (current), not heavy (don't put people off), serious

Do you have additional info or links you want to share?

Company Website: www.ScheduleAssociates.net (Homepage is not 100% to our liking design-wise.)

The content in the attached pdf should be included on the business card.

A file containing the company logo is attached.

A file containing some of our course book covers is attached (so that you can see the colors with which we want the stationery to be compatible)

A file containing the information to be included in the business card is attached.



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