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We are an artisan design studio specializing in concrete countertops, sinks, fireplace surrounds, furniture, and other custom projects for your home or business. Our eco-friendly process combines modern technology with old-school handcrafted quality.

We need business cards fast. We also need a letterhead for mailings. We already have a logo that should be incorporated, obviously. We will be using www.overnightprints.com for our printing services. They have templates online with their print requirements; we will be using the rounded corner business cards.

Our Clients are looking for a rustic handcrafted product that will compliment their expensive rustic homes often found slope side at world class ski resorts - you get the idea. We have set ourselves apart from the competition by offering a hand troweled finish that creates a lot of depth and color variation in our surfaces. We are trying to portray a bit of that through our business card.

I would like the business card design to include both sides of the card. The front should include all of the necessary contact info. while the back can get more creative, perhaps just the name and logo creatively displayed. The font used for the company name is called P22 Cezanne, but the rest of the font for contact info etc. is up for grabs. my website which is still in progress and still has placeholders for pics can be viewed here http://www.skyhand.com/jerrad2/index.htm... As you can see we are sticking with earth tones for our color pallet. The logo is included in the attached eps file, the only one we used is on the far left when the file is opened. see website for example.

I have a few requirements:

-I need four different backgrounds for the cards. I was thinking we could use photos of the actual product for backgrounds. I have attached some pics that could be zoomed and cropped to use as background images (some are better than others). The colors I was shooting for are a darker brown, leathery brown, light brown/beige, and a sage green (the sage may need color tweaking)

-I also am planning on dipping the ends of the cards in their respective concrete color to add a bit of creative flair to set us apart a bit. I would like to dip 3/4" of the left side of a horizontal card into the concrete color, so the design should reflect that and not have text or graphics in that area. I am not opposed to a vertical business card in which case we would dip the bottom 3/4" in the concrete color.

-The back of the card (the creative side) can have have any combination of our name - "elements", "elements concrete" "elements artisan concrete".

-Here is the contact info. needed on the card

Jerrad Inlow

Elements Concrete

7175 Sypes Canyon Rd.

Bozeman, MT 59715






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