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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Jill Konrath is a top business-to-business sales expert and the author of the bestselling sales book Selling to Big Companies. She's an in-demand speaker who provides much needed wake-up calls to sales organizations and frequently coaches companies on how to turn their sales force into a competitive advantage. In the past, the audience for her main website (www.sellingtobigcompanies.com) has been small companies and entrepeneurs that want to sell to big companies. As Jill's latest book, SNAP Selling, is about to hit the shelves, she is expanding her online and business presence to include her speaking activities as well as a portal for sellers and entrepreneurs. This will include a new main website (already designed), as well as new business cards, letterhead and newsletter banner (needed).

What do you need?

Jill needs a new business card and letterhead for her Jill Konrath brand and a newsletter banner for her new Sales Oomph! newsletter.

Business Card Requirements:
-Must include orange, also can have blue/green.
-Jill would like you to try to include "Fresh Sales Strategies" somewhere.
* White color
* similar look to JillKonrath.com website (pdf attached)
* 2227 Foxtail Ct. St Paul, MN, 55110
* Ph. 651 429 1922
* jill@jillkonrath.com
* www.JillKonrath.com

* Full color
* Image of Jill (included)
* "Jill Konrath, Bestselling author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies"

Newsletter Header:
* Title: "Jill Konrath's Sales Oomph!"
* "Fresh Sales Strategies, Provocative Insights and Actionable Ideas"
* Image of Jill
* Dimensions: Exactly 600 pixels wide and no deeper than 150 pixels.
* At least 72 dpi.
* Complimentary look to new jillkonrath.com website.
* Orange Color from Jill's new website
* Green/blue accents and/or pic of Jill wearing green - to tie into old sellingtobigcompanies.com website.

* Top: "Jill Konrath" with tabs like website.
* Lots of white.
* Bottom: (order can be changed)
Ph. 651 429 1922
2227 Foxtail Ct.
St Paul, MN, 55110

Who Is Your Audience?

Jill's main audience is corporate sales organizations for her speaking engagements. She also targets her brand towards businesspeople, salespeople and entrepreneurs who need to learn more about selling to busy decision-makers. Therefore, all material must have a professional look and feel fresh. It's very important therefore that her card doesn't look like it belongs to a Realtor.


We Like These Examples

Jill likes the clean style of www.JillKonrath.com (not launched, attached as pdf) and www.SNAPselling.com. She also likes the tabs used across the top.

Jill particularly likes the look and feel of Seth Godin's online presence: www.sethgodin.com/ and http://sethgodin.typepad.com. She would like a similar feel.

We Absolutely Must Have

Image of Jill on Business Card and Newsletter Banner

Jill's new orange color and lots of white space:

Orange is 13AEFF

Also try to incorporate:
Blue 0R 65G 164B
Green 166R 188G 9B (especially in newsletter banner)

Fonts: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif

If you use JillKonrath-black.jpg, please crop hands/lower torso out of image.

***If you need better quality images, contact us***



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