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Starts: 29-Jan-12 2:33 a.m. GMT

Ends: 20-Feb-12 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $5500, was awarded to emadz

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Create an extensible design for a new web site to market and sell insurance products direct to consumers. The site will need to have 60% of a retail/interactive feel, 20% insurance and 20% educational. The goal is to make buying insurance on line enjoyable and natural. The site will be interactive and instill confidence. This site will need to be leading edge ecommerce for SHOPPING for insurance, it should not feel like an insurance site. Think in terms of an online SHOPPING experience... comprare plans, bundle products, and BUY NOW.

Update 30-Jan-12 GMT
We are getting a lot of questions about logos, images, flow, etc.

I want to clear up some of this by saying this: The number 1 thing to accomplish in this project is to think outside the box in terms of buying insurance. I realize this may be somewhat of a foreign concept in certain places due to policy of Socialized Medicine. Here in the US it is/will be a free market for insurance and one will have options from which to purchase. We want to separate ourselves from the standard institutions and go a different way. Think of ways to make the process of providing demographic information in a more natural way. Think about better ways to capture it without having to specifically ask a question. Most of all think about how you would like to buy products including insurance and how this experience can be improved.

Our public site is: so if you need to you can use images from there.

We are very excited to see what the CrowdSpring community can produce.
Update 31-Jan-12 GMT
We do not yet have a brand name for this brand/business unit, but we are open to ideas. Many people have asked for logos and for images. With this project you have creative freedom. We would love to see your ideas for brand name and iconography included. This is not a condition for the winning entry, but would certainly be a value add. We do NOT want this to be insurance centric or bring thoughts of insurance to mind. Think in terms of caring, empathetic, nurturing... words and logos that evoke a feeling not of a cold insurance company.

Keep it coming!!
Update 3-Feb-12 GMT
Attention designers. We are still too locked into the "insurance" mode of thinking.

Please reference the site listed at get a better feel for what we are looking for.

Notice the full screen back drop.....notice how the Step 1,2 and 3 are displayed as nailed on pieces of paper. Love the feel of products resting on a wooden railing overlooking a scenic view. Lock in on this and show us this level of creativity.

I will toss a bone out to the designer who wins this contract. You will also design our brand/logo on a seperate project.....with no competition...a guarenteed contract....does this sweeten the deal ?

I need to see examples ASAP similar to the link referenced below and commented on above.
Update 15-Feb-12 GMT
Adding additional time to refine project selection and work 1-1 with final list of designers.
Update 17-Feb-12 GMT
UPDATE: Designers, we are finalizing a short list of designers that we will contact directly with URGENT edits to be made in our design strategy and ultimately be awarded the $5,500. It is imparative that you check for FEEDBACK from us about this project over the next few hours to determine IF you made the short list and will be considered.

If you receive this feedback make your edits and changes IMMEDIATELY and submit. Ask questions as needed.
Update 20-Feb-12 GMT
All the logo designs are looking great and giving those designers providing an edge in our minds. For those who have done so and used a crossroad in the logo there needs to be an adjustment made because many look like "RELIGOUS CROSSES" and this cannot be so perhaps rotating slightly will do.
Update 20-Feb-12 GMT
Logo designs should be lower case to be considered. Color pallet optional, however shades of greens seem to appear good as a consideration, but be creative.
Update 20-Feb-12 GMT
Another logo update. Using crossroad images is great and keep them coming, but also consider other directional and navagational images in the logo to signify choice and direction.
Update 20-Feb-12 GMT
Logo: drop the "gain the advantage" reference as this is HPS and not benefit crossroads.
Update 20-Feb-12 GMT
Fort those making final changes and run out of time please use the following email address to send follow up submittals or changes as we are close to choosing, but a few designers still owe us final changes:
Update 20-Feb-12 GMT
Designers, As stated prior we prefer the winning project to be in an Adobe Photoshop (PSD) format if possible. We will need to know ASAP from all designers if this format can be delivered. Basically will the final product(s) be images or a workable file?

This is crucial so please email me ASAP with your answer to this question. email:
Update 20-Feb-12 GMT
In trying to make our new business and web site be informative and a pleasure to visit unlike most insurance business web sites we want to make it FUN!

Does anyone have suggestions on interactive activities (i.e. I have seen an on line version of the kids game "rock-paper-scissors" taht can be played. We want to incorporate this approach on our site on the about us page and hopefully through social media gain discussions beyond a great insurance site and talk about the site as it is fun to visit even if not interested in buying insurance!

Please let me know suggestions to on what we should consider having on the site for fun for consumers age 19-70!

Feel free to email me please at: thanks you are all true professionals and will be personally recommended to other executives like me in my industry.