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Business Info

Business Name

Sage Software Inc.

What do you do?

Sage is a leading global supplier of business management software and services for small and midsized businesses. Sage has recently launched a new cloud application called Sage One (na.sageone.com)

Sage One is a simple, cloud application for running a small business. It connects the essential tools entrepreneurs need in one place to save time and simplify business life. You can track projects, time, tasks, and expenses. Exchange files, and manage invoicing. Its also collaboration friendly so you can work from anywhere with virtually anyone making it simple to share files and keep everyone in the loop. Sage One replaces your current mix of disconnected resources: spreadsheets, desktop software, and online apps.

Key features of Sage One include:
Project Tracking
Task Tracking
Time Tracking
Smart Dashboard

List the size requirement(s) for your landing page

1024 x 768

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Software and InfoTech

Describe the target audience for your landing page

Small business owners. Home-based businesses, contractors, freelancers, and solo entrepreneurs, etc. It's for anyone who wants to run as much of their business on auto-pilot as possible.

Sage is a workspace where accounting, invoicing, projects, and tasks are intelligently connected to simplify the way things get done and how they are kept on track. In a nutshell, youll be able to get more done, run your business more effectively, and reduce the administrative burden that comes with being a business owner.

Sage One is built to help business owners get more work done and get paid for that work, so it excels in service businesses. Sage One is also applicable in simple product-based businesses.

Businesses with co-located or distributed teams of two or more people benefit from the collaboration capabilities of Sage One. These teams may consist of employees, contractors, accountants, and even clients.

Example pain points from our customer:
The biggest challenge for me is that I cant be four people at once. Im project managing, doing the design work, writing proposals, looking for contractors, watching the books, updating clients, looking for new clients, doing all the accounting, etc. etc. Its too much! And I need to stop working by dinnertime so my wife doesnt kill me.

Sage One is for the business owner who :
Manages, creates, or revises work for their clients.
Invoices for their work and manages all the other ins and outs of the invoicing process.
Assigns tasks and manages multiple resources working on various client deliverables.
Communicates with clients on project activity.
Reviews the work of contractors and sends them feedback.
Engages with prospective customers to understand their needs; creates proposals for each potential project.
Manages all the ins and outs of the companies accounting.
Is going crazy trying to manage all parts of their business.

It's for the business owner who wants:
A quicker, simpler, and more accurate way they track billable time.
A quicker, simpler, and more accurate way for others they work with to track their billable time.
A simple way to handle all that the invoicing process requires. Including simple way of resending late invoices and tracking payment.
A simple way for clients to pay their invoices online
A solution that takes work off their plate overall
A solution that works like their clone to do some of the tracking and managing until their in a safer place to hire more people.
A painless way to track business expenses and know where theyre spending too much
A better way to manage the people working for them (contractors, employees, etc)
To deliver higher quality work in less time.
To reduce the time it takes to complete a jobwhile managing less and not sacrificing quality
To free up time to work on growing their business.
To manage less of the boring parts of their business like accounting.
A better way to keep their clients well informed and happy on progresswithout wasting time during the day.
An easy and professional way to gain client feedback, on work, when it's needed.
To assesses how each project stands against budget and have a easy and proactive way of communicating potential budget overruns to the client.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your landing page?

The most important thing we want to communicate is What is Sage One? - We want the readers understanding to not be in feature functionality, but in the real business value of Sage One. All of these value points distill down to one thing for the entrepreneur.TIME SAVING.

The user should feel that Sage One will
---Sage One connects the disconnected, which will automatically improve things over the 3 or 4 disconnected applications Im using now.

---Sage One is a collaborative, so its easy for me to share and work with anyone from anywhere.

---Sage One helps me run my business a bit more automatically. This gives me more time to spend on what I like doing in my business.

Communication Point #1
Time Saving: What happens when you connect the essential parts of a small business together in a simple cloud app? Connect the disconnected: Convey the Sage One integration story The user needs to understand the true value of having various functions of a business working together in a single cloud application.

At the heart of Sage One is simplicity and connectedness. By connecting various business management functions, Sage One makes tasks like accounting more automatic. Less time is spent on data entry because, for example, a project becomes an invoice, and then becomes a receipt, without entering information more than once. Tasks are more automatic--saving you time and making your business life easier! For example, projects capture time. Tracked time flows into invoices. Invoices turn into money. Simple. Connected. For lack of a practical alternative, many business owners use a disconnected mix of spreadsheets, desktop software and online apps to keep track of work and manage money. This often results in many disconnects and inefficiencies.

Communication Point #2
Time Saving: The collaborative story What happens when the people I work with are in the loopall the time? It's essential to share and communicate with your team(clients, contractors, accountants employees, etc.), so no one works in isolation. Automatic notifications, reminders and tracking of what people have done help take some of the administrative burden off of business owners. Smaller organizations sometimes abuse email with file sharing, assigning work and keeping teams up to date. It may be good enough for exchanging messages, but it leaves much to be desired when it comes to organizing what is shared, coordinating team members and projecting a professional image.

How is your company different from your competitors?

Everything that happens in a small business is connected, and the tools to manage it should also be connected. When we studied the work day of hundreds of small businesses, it was clear that they needed a much better way to organize, track, and manage the key parts of their business, so we brought these essentials together in one simple, cloud-based application (Sage One).
Business owners strive to be productive, but many struggle with the less interesting parts of running a business.

Sage One stands apart from other offerings in its simplicity and design. By connecting the key areas of a small business in one application, Sage One streamlines the administration of a business, makes accounting simple, keeps you organized and helps you track work, projects, invoices, and tasks for yourself and others. Sage One helps entrepreneurs focus on growing their business. And its collaborative features allow those benefits to extend to employees, contractors and even to clients. Sage One replaces a mix of disconnected resources: spreadsheets, desktop software, and single function business apps with an easy-to-use solution built for small business.

Style and Concept

What landing page design styles do you like?

Designers! GO FOR IT! We want your take

What colors do you want to see in your landing page?

Master brand color = Hex #007f64 - Try to use a headline in this color if possible

Sub-text color = Hex #4d4f53

Header footer must be - Hex #4a4f53

CTA - Hex #ed9c31

What colors do you NOT want to see in your landing page?

Please review the attached Sage North America branding guidelines PDF.

What adjectives should best describe your landing page?

Clean, modern, simple, educational.

What content must be included in the landing page?

Review the home page http://www.na.sageone.com/ and create a landing page that answers the question What is Sage One? and then takes users straight to a call-to-action focused on getting the user to purchase Sage One for $24.00 a month.

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

Please be sure to provide an abbreviated explanation for the design you submitted and why you think it will work.






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