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Reservation Genie is an online reservation system similar to the popular website Open Table, but for more than just restaurants. We currently offer online reservation system to restaurants, tour operators, and nightclubs. We are adding golf courses, rental businesses, salons, transportation services so that you can get online reservation for any business. We make our money from partners and concierges who set up accounts and book traffic for our customers in exchange for a referral fee either entering the information direction (concierges booking for hotel guests) or by online reservation links (for webmasters). We are a live site at www.reservationgenie.com and have a private site for concierges at www.bigconcierge.com where you can learn more.


We need a homepage that is more alive. We want it to have a focus on our primary audience of patrons, but also some info for our customers (venues) that encourages partnerships (affiliates and concierges).

We already have a logo and color combination that is active through out our site that we'd like to stick with for now. We also need to attract users to our site by showing that they get access to free appetizers and discounts if they use the site often. We want to highlight that these incentives are better than our competitor (Open Table) that gives them points that amount to $1 per reservation. Our points make them a VIP where they get 10-20% discount at participating if they go back often. It will also show them places where they can get interesting deals such a "Free Appetizer with 2 Entrees" or "50% off bottles of wine" when they book at the times that have those perks associated with them. They can search for perks to see places that give them free stuff just for booking through us.


We have three target audiences

1. Patrons: anybody that books a reservation at a restaurant and may be interested in getting good deals. We have a loyalty program (becoming a VIP) as well as a Search by Perk feature that allows people to get access to discounts our clients provide. We also have a lot of restaurants and potential partners accessing our site

2. Venues: Any clients that may be interested in having online reservations for their business. Right now our primary client is restaurants. We also are fully operational for tours and nightclubs. We will be adding rental businesses and golf courses this spring.

3. Partnerships: We make most of our money and grow our businesses by partnering with other websites. They can be affiliates and earn money from their content by including online reservation links in reviews. Any affiliate can also become reseller.



I like this site for the magnifying glass that kind of shows some features. I was thinking something similar that showed the VIP discounts or Perks or both (using Flash or mouse over?). I also like the All Your Networks, Stay Updated, and Comment Anywhere sections that I can see holding our Dynamic Elements below (blog posts, tweets, recent clients)


I like the green section on this page as an example of the big footer with more information outlined in section 3 below. I also like the idea of a video at the top of our site that shows users how it works. Although we don't have a video at this stage...so perhaps some mouse over images will suffice for now.


This site was done for friends on CrowdSpring. I like the texture of the tabs at top, although I'm not sure how that will work for our site. It also has common elements of the above sites for dynamic portion of the site.


1. A section encouraging people sign up for a patron account and learn about our VIP and Perks program. These sections let you earn points towards becoming a VIP and getting short notice reservations and discounts on the bill. We also have a tool that lets you Search by Availability and Perk that lets you see what restaurants will offer you an incentive to come in at any time kind of like Happy Hour.

2. A section emphasizing keeping clients in touch with everything we're doing that conveys we're a dynamic and alive site. We were thinking a section for recent blog posts, recent tweets, and recent client sign ups with dates on them showing we're current.

3. A big footer with access to more information. We were thinking about a section for Learn More About Online Reservations for with links to restaurants, tour operators, nightclubs, etc. A section for Partner With Us with links to Partner Sites, Concierge Associations/Concierges, Restaurant Weeks Promoters, Restaurant Consultants. And a section for Getting in Touch with links to Email Us, Video Demo, Chat with Tech Support



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