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Business Info

Business Name


What do you do?

We help home owners find, compare, and select Real Estate Agents when they are looking to sell their house.
We are a new, innovative, start-up.
We are Australian based.

List the size requirement(s) for your landing page

Standard: 1024 X 768

Target Audience

What is your industry?


Describe the target audience for your landing page

- Australian based
- Home owners looking to sell their property / interested in finding a Real Estate Agent
- Range of ages 25yrs +
- Both male and female

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your landing page?

- Quality / credibility
- Innovative / new / different to competitors
- Smart way of doing things
- Risk free - we don't charge them anything for our service - no catches

How is your company different from your competitors?

- Very few competitors (most people find real estate agent themselves without any real research)
- We are more rigorous and more innovative than the couple of small competitors in this space

We really dislike our competitors page and want to be VERY DIFFERENT from them:

Our competitors in Australia have more corporate styles: http://www.sellmycastle.com.au/ and much too busy/complicated for our liking so we want to be different to these guys

Style and Concept

What landing page design styles do you like?

We are open to both "fun" and also "zen" branding elements - so keen to see examples of both and will provide feedback accordingly
1. http://mailchimp.com a good example of style + fun element
2. http://www.homethinking.com a good example of style + zen element
3. Really like look and feel of Growth Giant examples (http://dribbble.com/AdhamDannaway?page=1)

What colors do you want to see in your landing page?

Oranges, Greens, Greys that work with our logo and existing branding
(see www.openagent.com.au)

What colors do you NOT want to see in your landing page?


What adjectives should best describe your landing page?

Clean, simple, web 2.0
Easy to understand
Clear messages

What content must be included in the landing page?

Objective of home page is to convince users to fill in a form (the content is currently sitting at http://openagent.com.au/find-real-estate..., but we can minimise by splitting over several pages or hiding/unhiding part of it)

On the form/call to action, we like how Homethinking has proceed to next and final step to reassure the user that the process is easy/quick

Minimal copy, simple communication of the key messages, and clear call to action for filling in the form (MailChimp does a good job of this). Use existing copy on the home page www.openagent.com.au for first draft

Bottom section for us to populate with neighbourhood links

We DO NOT want to distract the user from the main point - filling in the form. So no search function.

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

Current site is www.openagent.com.au

We currently work in Headway themes on Wordpress. So whatever is selected will be turned into a theme.

Once we have selected a style then we will also be looking for the winner to design another, more flexible page to be used in this template for other (non landing) pages.

Initial thoughts on this page are:

Template page needs to be simple and versatile, allowing us to use for a range of things

Flow from the home page -> we like how the mailchimp home page is simple but slightly different page and then all the other pages are run off a simple template that is similar to the home page (quite like the different colour backgrounds for each page)

Also from MailChimp, like how there is a main navigation at the top of the page, and then a page navigation to help the user get around the content on the page itself (see http://mailchimp.com/features/ for an example) and then the standard/boring links at the bottom of the page



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