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Our new startup is trying to serve an information feed of the entire world, sorted by neighborhood. We imagine this principally being casual, spontaneous social interactions and neighborhood classifieds.

In a way, it's a hyper-local version of twitter, where people can casually note that they're going to a restaurant down the street, or ask if anyone else wants to get a drink at the pub on the corner.

In a way, it's a hyper-local version of craigslist. In some big cities, it doesn't make sense to travel particularly far to buy a new mattress or coffee table. If Calvin doesn't have a car, he's not going to care about some coffee tables that the classifieds tells him are available. That interaction is better served by first telling the end user where the products are, then letting them decide if there's anything useful.

Ideally, this also extends to things like "They're filming a Johnny Depp movie @ Lincoln&Fullerton, avoid that intersection" and "Ugh! 35 degrees outside" or "the burgers at Rocco's are outstanding"... Anything that people in the neighborhood (travelers, visitors, newcomers, bored-on-a-thursday-night types) may find of interest, coming across as a single feed that can be selected by location.

Essentially, NeighborHoots wants to provide a feed of things that are in your neighborhood, now.


Like a typical webpage, we'd like:

-- Logo/Title prominently displayed

-- Navigation panel including: blog, about, contact


-- Login/logout panel: where users can enter a username/password

-- Search box

The body of the main landing page functionally contains:

-- Input box for the user to enter a post a "Hoot" (like Twitter)

-- Map image that depicts where the user is and where the feed is coming from

-- Stream of Hoots posted by anybody who has previously posted near that address

-- Mechanism for the user to indicate how large a radius around the current area s/he cares about (i.e. within 1 mile, within 5 miles, entire city, entire country, entire universe; or maybe "walking distance, biking distance, driving distance, entire world"; or any other such scheme with progressively larger circles of interest)


Internet users, social network types, people who twitter and use craigslist.


General thoughts:

* Looking for a somewhat whimsical design/colors, that indicates to the user that we're not just all business

* Generally prefer clean/uncluttered design.

* Leaning towards a design with a light, uplifting color palette rather than dark, but would like to see some dark options as well.

* Probably generally more interested in designs with cool clipart than photorealistic images or photos

* Like creative re-use of themes from the logo, but that's not a deciding factor

Some sites I've liked (though not really a guide for what I want, just aesthetics)

* http://codegreene.com/ and also their blog

* http://lukelarsen.com/

* http://cameron.io/

* http://dustincurtis.com/about.html and most of his dark-background ones

* http://brightkite.com/objects

* http://brightkite.com

* http://stackoverflow.com (clean)

* http://twitter.com (what you see if you are not logged in... Twitter does a good job with a simple, uncluttered, not overly cartoon-y but not too serious design)

* http://280north.com/index.php (their product logos more than the site itself)

* http://www.codebasehq.com/ (their landing page and also the project's twitter-like feed looks nice)

* http://backpackit.com/ (any of their landing pages)

* http://superblock.net/

* http://www.sohtanaka.com/

* http://ping.fm

* http://present.ly -- i like the clean, simple design of their (twitter

clone) app's UI, although they've taken away most of the screenshots,

so it's harder to get a sense of it now.

* http://mailchimp.com



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