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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Our Mission: To enable the economic power of individuals to benefit their chosen communities.

iGive is a free service which enables our members to earn money for their favorite cause whenever they make an online purchase or search the web. It's that simple.
iGive members who join to support a cause can generate donations by shopping at any of our 782 stores, or by simply using our built-in search engine. There is no cost, obligation, or hidden fees. Simply shop at brand name online stores through the iGive Mall and a portion of each purchase is donated to your cause. iGive always has been and always will be a free service to causes and members.

Over 700 stores participate in our donation program, including Amazon.com, eBay, Staples, JCPenney, Barnes & Noble, Overstock.com, drugstore.com, Office Depot, QVC, Expedia, Home Depot, HSN, Best Buy, Gap, Buy.com, & NORDSTROM.

iGive shoppers also have access to exclusive coupon codes, free shipping deals, and sale alerts.

Quick Facts About iGive.com:
Online since 1997, iGive.com is the Internet's first shopping mall where purchases benefit the shopper's favorite cause
782 online stores participate in our program today
50004 charities & nonprofit organizations are listed with us as of today
To date, iGive.com shoppers have raised over $4,831,806.75 for their favorite causes
This year, our shoppers have raised over $384,469.68 already

How we see our company:
Responsive, helpful, green, altruistic.

Member comments from a recent survey.
What do you value most about iGive?

that it supports my granddaughter's preschool.
The ability to help a charity.
the donations made to the cause I selected.
Ease of use
It's fairly easy to find out if a store I want to use participates in iGive.
I like the chance to give to charity by just shopping! I am very glad a site like you exists. Thank you!
It gives back to the charity of my choice. Every little bit helps my cause.
results in contribution to charity
The donations that go to my favorite charity - Animal Rescue Foundation of SEPA.
The donations to our organization
That every search I do benefits my charity.
My purchases help support my favorite charity.
donation to my cause
That more and more retailers are joining!
I am not sure yet. Just started using it today. Sorry
donations to my cause
being able to help Wrap them in Love
being able to give back to the community. I get to help out one of my favorite charities by purchasing items I would buy anyway!
the fundraising and how easy it is.
donations to charity of choice
I have not be able to get on yet htis popped up before the web site came up!
donations to charity
helping my charity by shopping
The ability to reward (with my purchases and customer loyalty) businesses that particpate in a charitbale give back program
Ease of use.
It's an easy way to give!
Finds what i look for
It makes searching easy and gives money to my cause at the same time.
By making my purchase, I am able to help a great organization (Hertiage Museum of OC).
the ability to make a donation through my purchases
that i can help my charity by shopping
I like raising money with practically every click of my mouse and also when I do my online shopping.
The ability to give to charity
Mostly I use the isearch part, but I do appeciate that my purchasing through the igive site raises funds for my charity.
I like that I can help my rescue when I search and shop.
I just got here a few days ago, so I unable to answer intelligently. Once I use it more, perhaps I will give feedback.
Contributing to a good cause while using internet.
it allows me to help my chosen cause and works with Macs!

What do you need?

Landing page for someone who has never seen www.igive.com before. In most cases, they were referred to us by a friend or a charity.

We want to replace or improve http://www.igive.com/welcome/index.cfm.

We had an alternate landing page designed previously and A/B tested against the page above (http://www.igive.com/welcome/index2.cfm) which underperformed slightly against the index.cfm page above.

Goals of Project:
1. Improve conversion rate of visitors to members.
2. Improve number of visitors to site through better SEO.
3. Easy for an existing member, who may hit this page, to log into site.
4. Must be usable for someone whose primary goal isnt signing up for the service:
Listing a new cause
Perspective Merchants
Search engine bots

We will be performing A/B testing of the final design against our existing page to determine conversion performance.

Purpose of the page:

Explain what we do as simply as possible and convert visitors to members. Conversion to member means:
Choosing an existing charity/cause or listing a new one
Submitting personal registration information successfully

Who Is Your Audience?

People who have never seen www.igive.com before. In most cases, they were referred to us by a friend or a charity:

Ages 30-60
Middle to upper middle income
Online shoppers
Involved in their communities especially charities/causes


We Like These Examples

I'm not going to say we necessarily like these sites but we are listing them here for reference purposes.

Our closest competitors:

Related competitor:

We Absolutely Must Have

We DON'T need a new logo. We are happy with our dandelion seed logo.



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