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FitMK is a fitness company set up in Milton Keynes to run outdoor training Boot Camps. Boot camp was started as a way to give people a choice for doing something different to the normal gym/aerobic class regime and create an enjoyable atmosphere while exercising.

No Boot Camp is ever the same so you never know what is coming; session after session or week after week. You will meet up with new people all of different fitness abilities. And whatever your ability in fitness, whether you can do one or 100 press ups the reality is there will be someone else there like you!!

You will have an experienced, professional and dedicated personal trainer as the Drill Instructor to help, guide and motivate you. You will be love how encouraging the other members are They really make Boot Camp a fun and friendly place to train.

When you come to boot camp you are given a white, red or blue bib depending on your fitness level and capability. The tasks set for you are then appropriate to your bib colour and therefore fitness level.

White = Beginner

Red = Moderately Fit

Blue = Good Fitness Level


This Landing page needs to have several promotional areas which will be driven by content management but also the primary feature will display individuals in white, blue or red bibs. This is because the bib system appeals to different levels of fitness and therefore covers a wide range of individuals and fitness levels. When a customer clicks on the white bib option for example the content of this page will be appealing to that level of fitness and the packages that they can buy will be tailored to them.

The Landing Page will be set out as such with the order of priority 1-7 (1 being of upper most importance on the page)

1) Logo and Branding

2) White / Blue / Red Bib images and information linking through to more content.

3) FREE Session Pass (form directly on page)

4) Package Buttons - (a) Single Session (b) Block Booking (c) Monthly Membership

5) Content Section - 3 sections allowing text / images and links.

6) Navigation Links - (a) Instructors (Profiles) (b) Venues (c) Testimonials (d) FitMK shop (e) Contact Us

7) Footer - (a) Twitter Link (b) Facebook Link (c) Personal Training Site Link - www.simonawilliams.com (d) Terms and Conditions Link


1. Unfit people

2. Professional sports people

3. People who want to lose weight

4. People who want to do something different for social and health reasons.

5. People who don't want the cost and commitment of a gym.


http://www.fia.org.uk - this website is very colourful and if you see the boxes on the right hand side maybe we could do something similar in terms of the red white blue bibs... maybe a bit basic but I would think not scary or intimidating to first time trainers

http://www.premierglobal.co.uk - this website looks very professional and I like the middle part changing (obviously similar to fitmk banner at the top) Very clear and I think good colours should appeal to whole market first timers and serious hardcore... probably my favorite so far

http://www.fitpro.com - really like the top banner and again the moving images in the main box..probably a bit too cluttered with wording and banners below but a nice fresh attractive site

http://www.energy-fitpro.co.uk - I like the colours and think this has a fitmk feel about it already.. like the moving box and the the menu boxes in the middle of the site (latest news - cases studies etc) will be great for the red-white -blue bibs explanation

http://www.britmilfit.com - Although we DONT like this design it is the most similar in terms of the service being offered.


The design must be clean, clear and friendly so it's putting across the message immediately.

We have attached some photos for you to use but please feel free to also use your own and be creative.



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