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Financial Services

About Your Company

This product GetMyFreeScores will provide customers with online credit score/ report monitoring from all 3 credit bureaus as to keep them aware of their financial information. The product will allow them to see a credit profile of themselves quickly and easily. The target audience is anyone applying for a large loan, or may have been subject to an online credit hack in which their customer information has been stolen, or someone simply curious to check. The product will be a free trail. We want to make sure this product has a feeling of security and legitimacy.



The Goal of the landing page is to increase signups to our credit report product. This is an online signup, we would only need to develop a first two pages (2 step landing page) that would be the begining path of the landing page in which we make it very quick easy for customers to fill out basic information in order to sign up to our product. We are looking to collect four fields on the first page (first name, last name, email and zipcode) as well as a small checkbox for an email opt in. On the second step we would like to collect (first name, last name, address, city , state, phone) after that we will collect the more secure information on our existing page we just need the first two steps to the landing page built for this task.

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Classic, Masculine, Serious, Mature, Economical, Rigid, Concrete, Minimal

The landing page should include our Logo on the top left corner, the 3 buearu logos to the top right corner, The main headline. We have added attachments of similar website layout examples on what the landing page should look like visually. Also attached are other landing page copy points to work within the design. Some other copy benifits could include:
• 3 Scores - Monthly
• 3 Reports – Monthly
• Daily Credit Monitoring
• Credit Alerts
• Learning Center
• Credit Specialist to Call
• $1 Million ID Theft Insurance

Top 3 Things

Quick/Easy to do, Safe/Secure, Professional


The 1st step page should contain the logo containted in the attachment (getmyfreescores JPEG or EPS) at the top left of the LP, the top right of the LP should have the 3 bureau logos (3b_logo). A headline of "Get Your 3 Scores and Reports From All 3 Bureaus as of July 9, 2019" the date would simply default to the current date/year. We should have a good amount of call to action (button) use of arrows pointing to the button funneling the customers eyes to the signup.

Additional Info

Please see the shared folder for examples and creative tools/content.


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