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We are setting up 3 distinct online dating sites in the UK catering to the casual/adult end of the market.

The sites are powered by a white-label partner who handle customer service, admin & all back-end requirements.

Our job is to create a compelling brand and landing page for each dating site that maximises conversion from click to registration. Registration is free but to communicate with others on the site payment is required

The sites are only open to over 18s.

The sites are bone fide dating sites not porn sites. They don't carry adult content or explicit images/video.

The landing pages need to be enticing and sexy but not tacky and threatening.

They need to verge on erotic but not be pornographic.

They need to appear slick & professional not dodgy and suspicious (i.e. not a scammer-site)


I need 3 landing page designs incorporating logo & brand design/colours.

The 3 different sites are distinct in their character and appeal to users with different desires and different tolerance levels to casual/adult dating.

The landing page designs are to be provided as Photoshop layered files for coding by another 3rd party.

Brand 1 - www.hotyoungthoungs.co.uk

Targeting guys/girls aged 25-40.

The brand/site needs to be young, fun and frisky. Landing page should be light and playful it's in mood. Imagery should be bold, flirty and promiscuous. The page should appeal directly to guys in their 20s & 30s but also be tempting to older guys in their 40s. The landing page should make prominent use of the new/actual member feeds rather than stock imagery.

Brand 2 - www.discretesingles.co.uk

Targeting men/women aged 40-50.

The brand/site is classy, demure and understated. It should be provocative but not explicit. It should appeal to someone who is curious but cautious about casual dating. They want to join a site that isn't threatening and has a element of class to it. It should also offer secrecy - it can be a guilty pleasure of the person registering.

The landing page can be quite sparse; it shouldn't reveal too much but give a hint of what is behind the registration - it should tease the user and make them want to explore further. The imagery should be stylish but subtly erotic and appeal to a more sophisticated, older age group many of whom may have previously been married and now single again and looking to experiment. Landing page should use stock imagery - NOT use new member feed.

Brand 3 - www.promiscuouswomen.co.uk

Targeting men aged 30-45.

The brand is racy and provocative but not tacky. This brand is like a high class escort rather than a 20 lap dance. They're both sexy but one is classy and un-obtainable, the other is in your face and degrading. The landing page should be erotic and mischievous and leave the user wanting to see more, much more! Imagery should be bold & strong using 100% female images. Women on this site arent wilting violets, theyre sex kittens who know what they want. Imagery should be a blend of stock photography and the actual/new user feed.


See above for specific demographic breakdown - roughly Men and women aged 25-50

Men represent 70% of this market so designs should be geared towards men but not alienate women too much.


Sorry i'm not able to find many sites that i really like but there are lots i don't which might be useful for you to check out and read my criticisms -

http://www.benaughty.com - this site is clear & uncluttered but not very provocative. Hot Young Things could be similar to this but using the new/actual member feed

http://www.canoodle.com - this site is also clean & contemporary and useful for Hot Young Things. But it still lacks real call to action - the landing page's absolute priority is to drive registrations.

http://www.hornymatches.com/ - this site is awful. A classic cheap, tacky site and very dated.

http://www.playnaughty.com/join.php? - more sophisticated site but very dull looking and not enticing enough to register

http://www.theadulthub.com/ - nice contemporary design but too subtle and too text heavy.

http://www.maturedatinguk.com/ - clean but dull and awful stock photography. Nothing genuine or provocative about this site

http://www.datinginsecret.com/ - this is much more sophisticated and the use of darker background gives air of secrecy and mystery. This is a useful site to review for the Discrete singles landing page.

http://www.quickflirt.com - quite a nice simple and understated design but not very contemporary. Terrible fonts

http://www.firstaffair.com/ - quite a unique style but looks cheap and the full purple background is too full on.


The designs must incoporate certain functionality & footer links that the white-label partner can provide.

Functionality provided -

1) registration form ;

2) feed of actual new members / existing members

3) login/password (for existing/returning members)

Footer links - Privacy Policy , Terms & Conditions , Contact Us , About Us , Online dating , Dating

Here are 3 examples of existing dating services powered by the white-label provider. These are provided to showcase functionality rather than design.




Objective - the absolute priority of the landing pages is to drive registrations.



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