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Software Engineer - Front End

Full-time - Chicago, IL, USA

crowdSPRING is changing the way entrepreneurs and businesses around the world buy graphic design, industrial design, and writing services. Over 142,000 designers and writers from nearly every country in the world work on crowdSPRING. Our community has worked with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, agencies, large Brands and even governments from over 100 countries.

We have big plans, but we can't do it alone. We're looking for someone to come play with us. We want you. We need you. You ... can complete us.

We're looking for the kind of engineer that does it for the love of it. Maybe it's embarrassing how many github repos you've created or are following. Maybe you've started a social network for Beanie Baby owners ... in 2012. Whatever, we won't judge. We're just excited that you tried.

We're looking for extraordinary talented engineers to join our team. Our site is seen by millions of people around the world and we’re focused on solving real problems. Your contributions will be immediate and far-reaching. This isn't the kind of gig where you're handed a to-do list from a PM - you'll help make the big decisions. You'll not only help decide what users will see on the front end, you'll also contribute to analysis, design and implementation. You'll be a thought leader and driving force for UI and UX decisions, coding standards and project lifecycle/rollout.

Above all we’re looking for passionate individuals who enjoy what they do and seek to live balanced and happy lives.

If this sounds like you, read on...

This is you:

  • Strong, clean visual taste and talent, reflected in a portfolio of your work.
  • Exceptional proficiency using HTML/CSS/Javascript/AJAX in a production environment and strong understanding of how to make them work harmoniously for a great UX.
  • Experience building UI that renders perfectly across operating systems, browsers and mail clients. You take pride in your pixels and cross-browser debug in your sleep.
  • Great design with weak content is poor design. You care about content and how it’s presented as much as you care about the design elements.
  • Able to translate verbal or written concepts into visually stunning layouts and ability to communicate design ideas.
  • Passion about realizing great design through code. You aren't afraid to defend your opinions, be criticized, or be wrong.
  • An entrepreneurial heart, a sense of humor, and desire to see your work used by people around the world.
  • Remote based candidates welcome - although we prefer someone in Chicago, we want to hire the best person, no matter where they are.

These would be awesome but not mandatory:

  • Familiar with some flavor of IDE (Eclipse, Coda, etc.)
  • Experience/understanding of optimization testing and how front end design impacts SEO.
  • Experience working on a high-traffic website.
  • Experience writing code that interacts with a large, complex back end. Some experience working in a server side scripting language... it would be great if it was Python/Django, but others (Ruby, PHP, Perl, Java) would be fine.
  • Passion about producing high quality code with unit testing. You are fine with wearing a dunce hat when you break the build.
  • You prefer small, agile teams that strive to push regularly and leverage rigorous automated testing and continuous integration.
  • Experience hacking/maintaining open source software.

What you will do:

  • Take ownership of what users see and have a strong voice in how we enhance and improve the product.
  • Help make UI and UX decisions.
  • Prototype experimental features.
  • Build reusable CSS/JS frameworks to simplify development.
  • Write clean, elegant, practical, code. We will look to you to solve hard problems and make our front end fast, elegant, standards compliant and awesome.
  • Build leading edge features using AJAX, widgets, social, mobile, and more.
  • Stay up-to-date with technologies so you can suggest new coding practices, recommend architecture changes and optimize scalability.
  • Get paid to do what you love.

This is crowdSPRING:

  • Competitive compensation, including incentive and stock option plans, full benefits (health, vision, dental, vacation), and a 401(k) Investment Plan with matching contributions.
  • A fast-paced, fun and creative environment with a sharp, motivated team and a great opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed.
  • Your choice of technologies and software – MacBook Pro or a PC.
  • Aeron chairs (your butt will thank you).
  • Unlimited ping-pong, Rock Bandan d Pac-Man.
  • Wear whatever you want.

We're looking for incredibly smart, extraordinarily interesting people and we're highly protective of our culture. This can be a pretty tough place to get into. If you’re used to a corporate environment, you will not be happy here. We’re looking for someone who is tired of building things for other people and wants to be part of building a company, not just software. If you've got the smarts and the creativity (and you don't plan on showing up to the interview in a suit), we’d love to hear from you. When applying, please send links to things you’ve built.