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Style and Concept

What concept or information do you want to communicate though your infographic?

All of our prospects are nominated by existing members but are usually very busy and don't really need the business. We want to quickly drive thoughts like "I should check this out further because a colleague has nominated me for membership this invitation-only group. If I don't join this group one of my competitors will. I need to do a better job winning business from my long time business friends that I have worked hard to develop over the years. It would bother me if a competitor ended up doing business with my long time friend. I am really busy, I don't really need the business, but I sure don't want my competitor to get the business.

I envision a graphic that touches on the specific trigger concepts in the text at the beginning of our website.

I would hope that the prospect would minimally click through to at least one of the options (website, social media or video) but would prefer more than one.

What design styles do you like?

Matching our website www.RealProfessionalsNetwork.com

Do you have any color preferences?

Matching our website www.RealProfessionalsNetwork.com

What data needs to be included in the infographic?

Links to our website,
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4_qw7sS...
on youtube and links to our social media sites
Linkedin Site : https://www.linkedin.com/company/real-pr...
Face book Site:

REAL Professionals Blog:

List the size requirements for your design.

Needs to be easily looked at via an email / ideally to some extent a phone

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Real Estate and Construction

Describe the target audience for your infographic.

Very Senior level commercial real estate, design and development centric professionals (In general the Principal Partners of Investment Companies, Developers, Brokers, Constructors, Architects, Attorneys, Accountants, Engineers and Consultants) that are all ready busy, but are always concerned about their future new business pipelines. All of these people are survivors from multiple past economic recessions and now thriving... but know they need to keep building their future pipeline and are likley not doing as good a job as they would like.

How will you use the infographic?

Send it prior to a meeting (phone or live) when they are unlikely to look at our website or social media sites without some compelling reason,



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