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Advertising & Marketing

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events, sponsorships, digital campaign, social media - target audience young female 18-35


How infographic will be used

Presentation - size 11' x 17'' - horizontal

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  • Mono


Sponsorship program analysis from 2017 vs 2018 (results vs expected results) - it's a side by side comparative in infographic for elements of the program with the added % of the expected results...how are we going to raise the level year over year
the following numbers are 2017 (results) vs 2018 (expected results) and then the % of the previous year
text Copy in order:
- Years: 2017 vs 2018
- Number of locations : 13 vs 41 - (+315%)
- Number of days of activation: 44 d vs 125 d (+284%)
- Beauty experience: 12,130 vs 25,000 (+206%)
- Engagements: 12,498 vs 50,000 (+400%)
- Traffic: 1,694M vs 4,250M (+250%)
- Social Media impression: 1,715M vs 5,5M (+320%)
(what follows is the most important part - please feel free to highlight it or explain it the way you see fit)
TOTAL ROI 2017 vs 2018: for each 1$ spent in 2017 per engagement for 2018 will be 0.33$ so
1$ in 2017 = 0.33$ in 2018 so 1$ in 2018 = 3,03 of 2017
TOTAL ROI is 300% better in 2018 vs 2017 (3 times better for the ROI)

Top 3 Things

2018 is better in all aspect than 2017
the program is using $ far more better in 2018 than in 2017
we are stretching each dollars to be more efficient, more effective and use it more wisely.


needs to be stylish, not cartoonish, (but you can use icons and trendy clipart) ...it is for the beauty industry but it still needs to remain a trendy visual.
Highighting the difference visually year over year is important and the total ROI is the most important part we want to convey...this will be presented on a 11x17 printed board... so it needs to be clean, easily understandable, comparative must be easy to see and the ROI is the king of the infographic - use black, white and red (dark gray as a secondary could also be used)

Additional Info

the following files are only inspirations you are free to use what you want



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