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Style and Concept

What concept or information do you want to communicate though your infographic?

I uploaded the book cover so you will be able to get the idea of what the book is about. You can get a sense of the book theme via the text on the cover and the cover theme itself.

What design styles do you like?

In keeping with the above details I would like to stick to something simple, direct, a hint of humor and a hint of melancholy. The ending should convey a resolute nature of refuge.

Do you have any color preferences?

I have been super happy with the cover that the creative provided and those colors seem nice. I would like splashes of contrast similar to how the word "Distant" is in blue. Maybe do that in bits and pieces through the trailer.

What data needs to be included in the infographic?

The book cover text provides that information. I don't want to precisely spell it out for the creatives so that what they gravitate toward can serve to instill their unique creative process.

The other thing is that I have made it a point to keep family photos out of the book so the reader who is identifying with the story can use their imagination.

I will upload a couple pictures so you can see the family, but I don't know if it is necessary to have our pictures. I think it would be interesting to incorporate images from movies I allude to in the book. Among those are the ones mentioned on the book cover text. There are more and if the creative wants to know about those they can contact me.

List the size requirements for your design.

I would like it to be a standard size and shape for book trailers and would use it on my Kirkus page and other pages that offer placement.

Target Audience

What is your industry?


Describe the target audience for your infographic.

All audience.

How will you use the infographic?

To inform on book.



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