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Style and Concept

What concept or information do you want to communicate though your infographic?

We need to explain the Ella Fashion electronic price label system. This is a fully centralized, fully customisable, fully controllable system that makes it possible to easily change store prices, reducing manual work, lowering costs and boosting sales. And it makes everything a lot easier.

Here are the main three concepts / advantages:

Dynamic pricing:
Once the system is installed, the store chain owner has full control over the pricing of his items. Prices can be changed easily and remotely via a computer (laptop), allowing for i.e flash sales, season sales and special offers. At peak hours prices may be higher, at quiet hours prices may be lowered to attract more customers. The idea is to generate more sales and more profit and in a very easy way. Previously this wasn't possible, and even simple changes required massive manual labor. This is true omni-channel pricing, prices are the same also online.

Real-time inventory:
Because every item carries an Ella Fashion price label, items are fully tracked and the storekeepers know exactly the status of the inventory, where a certain item is, and even if it has not been moved for example in the past week. This saves a tremendous amount of work and gives out very important information which can be used to boost sales in various ways.

The label has a built-in anti-theft system.

It would be great to have the main concepts illustrated as some kind of symbols.

The structure could be like this:
1) explain briefly how Ella electronic store labels work
- prices on the labels are easily changed centrally, same prices also online
- important word: omni-channel pricing

2) comparison to manual pricing
- this could be split in half, other half old way of manual pricing and other half the new Ella Fashion way
- symbols are good. The main three points but also i.e workers, money, etc.

Below are various points in random order. Some are there twice or written out poorly. Feel free to change them as long as the message is there! You don't have to use every and single one of them, just the most important ones. If you feel that three points is enough that's fine. And visualizing these in graphic form is always better than pure text.

Manual pricing:
- Retailers have to face realistic difficulties due to continuous increase in costs and unpredictable market environment
- No flexibilities in real-time price changes
- Loss of selling opportunities due to low turnover ratio
- Increase in labor costs & Overtime costs (Night-time, Weekends.)
- Continuous increase in maintenance cost
- Increase in shoppers dissatisfaction vs. online shopping experience
- Increase in hidden costs
- Additional costs (Inventory, etc.)
- Loss of business opportunities

Ella Fashion:
- Easy and risk free
- Ella Fashion offers a service based licence model
- no initial investment
- Change prices with just a push of a button
- Discard separate anti-theft devices and use single tag for both pricing and alarm
- Avoid mistakes caused by human error
- Free resources from unproductive, manual pricing work to productive customer service tasks
- Make use of real time inventory data
- Take advantage of happy hour-, season sale-, peak- and end-of-season pricing
- Save on costs associated with paper labels: paper and printing.
- Easy to get started with no initial investment
- A revolution for fashion retailers - dynamic pricing & real time inventory
- Sell MORE with less effort
- sell more, sell faster, and make more profit
- Enable your sales team to sell more
- Reduce waste and optimize your profit
- Always right price at the right time
- Sell more with real time inventory
- Released personnel can be used for sales activities and customer service
- With dynamic pricing right price at right time
- Real time inventory at any time
- RFID anti-theft protection system increases the profit
- Different size, type and colors of items can have different prices at different days
- More sales due to updated inventory and right items in store
- Increased cash flow due to higher entry price and no unsold items

3) money: the financial reason to buying Ella Fashion
- see savings_and_costs.jpg drawing. This explained in a more understandable / prettier way.

More material:
- savings_and_costs.jpg drawing
- www.ellafashion.com - the website is to undergo a change, so don't be too faithful to the graphics in there

What design styles do you like?

This is for a company for marketing purposes. Hoping for a modern and good looking visual style. Icons and symbols are good.

Do you have any color preferences?


What data needs to be included in the infographic?

See concept brief above.

List the size requirements for your design.

Everything should fit on a portrait oriented A4 page.

Target Audience

What is your industry?


Describe the target audience for your infographic.

Retail store chains, owners.

How will you use the infographic?

Printed on a brochure, internet, etc.



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