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Starts: 25-Feb-13 6:09 a.m. GMT

Ends: 10-Mar-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $500, was awarded to rezahad...

Award 2: $500, was awarded to Scavenger

Award 3: $250, was awarded to poey

Award 4: $350, was awarded to pingkan...

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Pixar-style animation of a red ninja probiotic bug. She lives inside of our bodies. She is a deadly fighter with a kind heart of gold. She is determined to protect our bodies from bad bacteria, and help keep us healthy. She is a beautiful, slender and attractive female with mesmerizing eyes, but she's always wearing her well-designed red ninja uniform.

Update 25-Feb-13 GMT
Please check for full creative brief and reference images.
Update 25-Feb-13 GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
Update 25-Feb-13 GMT
Just uploaded to FILES a select group of ninja pics that I like, and should serve as creative inspiration. Also uploaded to in a folder called "PREFERRED EXAMPLES..."
Update 26-Feb-13 GMT
If you look at my last project, you will notice that I like to add awards throughout the competition, and in fact, handed out over 10 prizes (starting from 3). So please do not hesitate to contribute to this project for any reason.
Update 26-Feb-13 GMT
Although a bug, the illustration should look more human than bug.

Also, please make sure to add subtle female features, such as hip/waist curvature and chest/neck/shoulder distinctions. She is lean and fit.

For additional inspiration (for perhaps the ninja uniform and cool factor), keep Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow (from GI Joe) in mind.
Update 26-Feb-13 GMT
Please ensure that the head is circular or horizontally oval... not vertically oval.
Update 26-Feb-13 GMT
Check out the red female ninja "Jinx" in the new GI Joe...
Update 27-Feb-13 GMT
Ninja stars are her favorite and most effective weapon. She almost never has to pull out the sword on her back.
Update 2-Mar-13 GMT
Extending deadline to provide more time for refinements and discussion.
Update 9-Mar-13 GMT
I will select winners immediately after the project deadline based on work submitted so far, so the selected winners will have the opportunity to modify artwork and make requested changes after this project has ended. Thank you!
Update 14-Mar-13 GMT
I have another project coming up, which involves the creation of a Pixar-style superhero that is a plastic smoothie cup... with a red straw.