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I am positivePregnancyYears, a new sole proprietor business. The Pregnancy Years refers to the period from planning your first baby to having your last. These years hold great influence in a woman's life and in society. The business is committed to well-being for women, men and families during these years, and preventative for a lifetime. Well-being is a state of health, happiness and prosperity and that what it consists of is independent for each person. The services offered by positivePregnacyYears include wellness coaching, free birth education, corporate consulting on HR Benefits during pregnancy and family years, and coach-physician collaboration for healthier pregnancies and postpartum mental health prevention - as well as a blog promoting the importance of these years. The blog will connect diverse groups working for related change (such as the motherhood penalty, birth mortality rates, family leave act and so on).


I need a strong, inspirational and energizing image that calls individuals and society to a new ideal of personal wellness. One idea is a new woman for Rosie the Riveter's "We Can Do It" --perhaps Beth the Businesswoman, or whatever the creative would like to call her. The new woman needs to have the confidence and contagious energy (mojo) of Rosie, but she needs to be a bit heavier (healthy postpartum look), softer/warmer, and be beaming/radiant rather than hard-assed. Preferably racially neutral. She needs to embody feminine confidence. She needs to be dressed professionally female (think Michelle Obama) and be holding a baby (which she is proud of and loves). She holds several potential messages to the eye of the beholder. 1)woman's work and our country: just as Rosie was a call for or a recognition of women's contribution through work to our country during WWII - the new Rosie encourages the same recognition of the importance of women's work in our current economic economy. Bread-winning moms are a big deal (women earn more then men in 1/3 of families, 70% of women with babies are in the workforce, more men then women have lost jobs due to the down economy), we need an image to spread the conversation and encourage development of society policies that support women's economic contribution during motherhood. 2) being a successful professional mom is no longer about separating your mothering from your career and playing with the big boys. It's about being an embodied woman, fully present at home and work, and the creative resilient talents females have. Our new Rosie needs to show a female energy that fully competes on its own. (see third wave feminism) 3) she needs to be happy and healthy and prosperous: that is the vision for where we want our women, men and families to be - and that is my We Can Do It message: we can thrive doing all we do! The new rosie/we can do it illustration needs to have enough takes from the original that it is clear she is a derivative, but creative has free license to change any aspects they deem best - it can be strongly representative of "We Can Do It" (same colors, texture and son on) or only slightly connective, shifting totally to a new modern look. She has to relate to a modern audience. Copyright issues must be fully cleared. (current Rosie derivatives exist - so it seems it should be possible, some are copyright protected by tigereye design inc - have yourself a Rosie Little Christmas and so on, see rosietheriveter.com I know there are others too "Rosie the Realtor" and so on...) ***IDEAS that fulfill my needs but are not related to WE CAN DO IT or Rosie in any way are welcome! I can't remember who, but someone said nothing is more dangerous than an idea when its the only one you have! I am hoping for fresh ideas I may love even more!


My customers are bread-winning women who are thinking about having a baby, pregnant, or adjusting to the new roles in their life as a professional with a baby or growing family. Additionally I will work with companies wanting to be on the cutting edge of family-friendly work places, and physicians/midwives who are serious about life-style medicine and prevention of postpartum depression. I want them to think that I really understand them and their needs, hopes and challenges. I want them to trust that I can help them do it!


www.positivepregnancyyears.com greater health, success at work, fulfilling home life

positive is an adjective, "pregnancy years" are a noun... that will probably need to be made clear graphically - ie with color or caps, such as positivePregnancyYears.

I want the web url and my tag line to be a graphic package at home within the illustration, but also a unit that I can pull from the illustration and use on their own for applications where the full graphic can't be used.



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