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I am making a T-Shirt type illustration that shows the evolution of windmills from a small child running with a pinwheel to an old Dutch style windmill, to an American Farm windmill to a modern wind turbine ending in a giant question mark to denote what's next.

It's a play on the old monkey to man image... http://www.latrobe.edu.au/podiatry/Image...

I want the entire thing to be done as a white line drawing for printing on a black t-shirt. It should be cool enough for an adult to want to wear (admittedly a pretty geeky adult).

Here's my sorry sketch to help you conceptualize it.

Couple of small points:

- The little girl should be running left to right

- The turbine on the right should have three blades

- Momentum should be left to right

- The important point is to illustrate that something's coming after the turbine

- If you need space you can lose either the dutch or farm windmill

Looking forward to seeing something fun.



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