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Business Info

Business Name

Half-Serious - Application name : iAM

What do you do?

We are working with air medical services specialists. Were more than a mere air ambulance providerwere licensed for the fastest possible intervention and helicopter transport in urban areas, even when roads are jammed, as well as in remote, uninhabited, or otherwise inaccessible regions. Our intervention team has advanced helicopter rescue training so were ready to face front-line medical emergencies anywhere in our service area.

Our motto is "When waiting is not an option"

Target Audience

What is your industry?


Describe the target audience for your illustration

Our target audience is made of two kinds of people :

Those who venture in remote locations and could need our help to go save them as they're in distress in the middle of a forest or a lake. These are not necessarily adventurous people, since many of them are only people who like to have a good time hunting or fishing.

Our second target audience is a fairly stressed one. They take their car every single day and often get stuck in traffic jams. They don't think something could happen to them and that a normal ambulance might not get to them, even though they should.

Both target audiences are often with their family members. They want to make sure that everyone is safe.

What 3 things do you want to communicate to your audience through your illustration?

1) Safety. People should feel comforted by the fact that they have downloaded they application.2) Helicopter. We provided helicopter rescuing, so this vehicule must really be the star of the show, the hero of the illustration 3) Reliability. People must know that whenever they use the application, we WILL come to their rescue.

Style and Details

How many items or screens do you need illustrated?

We need 2 (and a half) illustrations.

1) The first illustration is the application's splashscreen. It must summarize in a nutshell what the application is about. Therefore, we need the four following elements : helicopter (it must be the star of the screen), family, nature (people can get rescued in the wild) and urban area (people can get rescued even when they're in a traffic jam). A photomontage would be better for that than an illustration.

2) The second illustration will be used on the Alarm screen, which is where the user will go to actually send us an emergency signal. It must be ultra simplistic as to not distract him from the important red slider module. Still, it needs to be catchy and good looking. It would be important to feature the helicopter prominently. The slider's appearance should change, since we don't want it to look like it's coming straight up from an iPhone, which would not make sense on the Android version of the app. We would also need a second version of that image where the red slider would be yellow (it lets the user test the application without really calling our helicopter) and the word "Test" would be visible.

Does your illustration need to be a particular size?

The splashscreen needs to be almost fullscreen for an iPhone, while the Alarm screen needs to be slightly smaller since there will be top and bottom menus. Please refer to the attached files for precise dimensions.

Note : we need the screens to be made for both normal and Retina displays

What mobile illustration styles do you like?

The splashscreen should be composed of real photographs. You can use any pictures seen on our website (especially for the branded helicopters) http://www.airmedic.net/en/home.aspx The photo assets will be provided shortly.

For the Alarm screen, we would like it to reflect a bit the rest of the art style, but you can take liberties. It should also be dark, while the slider should be brighter, in order to make a contrast that will attract the eye towards the slider.

What colors do you want to see in your illustration?

The colors of the applications (blue, red, white) and a dark black or blue for the contrast. The red color of the slider can be any red.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your illustration?

Green, purple, yellow (since it will be used on the Test alarm screen as you can see), etc..

What adjectives should best describe your illustration?

Splashscreen : photographic, wonder, surprise

Alarm : reliability, comfort, guarantee, simplicity, clarity

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

It is crucial that helicopter, family, nature and urban area are all in the splashscreen. The AIRMEDIC's logo should also be at the top, on a white background, with a lot of room around it.

For the Alarm screen, the only thing that absolutely needs to stay is the slider, though it's appearance has to change. The top bar and bottom menu must also stay intact.

In the Shared materials, you'll find old versions of the both screens, as well as some of the app's other screens.

For inspiration, you can go on our website.




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