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We need three simple illustrations that work with the three brand statements that will appear on the Lotame.com website.

To see where the illustrations will go, visit this test page:


(look at the lower right corner box with the rotating text under "Go Beyond With Lotame")

You can get a feel for the Lotame brand at the current live website here:


The three brand statements are as follows:

1. Zero Waste Performance

Some worry about first impressions, we worry about every impression.

(We were thinking this could be a "No Waste" sign - circle with slash through it style, but open to any other ideas)

2. Custom Audiences Create Custom Messages

Stop missing the target. Buy Lotame's custom audience data. Message and re-message more efficiently.

(We were thinking this one would be an archery target, of course open to other ideas.)

3. How Much Do You Value Your Media And Data?

Maximize the value of anonymous consumer data and media with Lotame.

(We were thinking of data bits = dollar sign)

Looking forward to seeing what you design!



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