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Calling All Artists and Designers

Project: The Tree of Life

EcoAlign, a marketing agency focused on energy and the environment, is hiring artists and designers for an experimental project called Project Images. The purpose of the project is to engage creative people in order to close the gap between what consumers say is important and actual purchasing decisions that impact energy consumption and the environment. EcoAlign believes that much more creativity and emotion will be needed to change peoples perceptions and behaviors.

EcoAlign is currently seeking two images that depict the tree of life. The images must contain only ONE tree. NO messaging should be part of the image and text should only be used for artistic purposes.

The format should be horizontal, e.g., a banner ad, or able to be sized horizontally.

You may work in art medium but the images must be delivered in electronic file format, including j-pegs and the source files. If you decide to work with photographic images, they must be clearly manipulated. We are not accepting straight photography for this project.

Creative directional considerations are the following: 1) more emotional images are preferable as opposed to commercial images oftentimes seen in advertising; 2) vibrant, colorful work is preferred, 3) keep the image clean and design-oriented, 4) playfulness is welcome, with images that may attract a childs attention as well as an adults, and 5) nothing controversial and more on the positive side (e.g., no doom and gloom images due to global warming). We are trying to engage people and get them excited enough to change their behavior towards energy consumption and the environment.

There will be two awards: $400 and $300.

Deadline: One week from posting.

Be creative. Be original. And have fun.



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