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project is for fitness related site.

I need to take one of my photos of a model and overlay with text/arrows pointing to biceps,forearm, waist, hips, etc. Considering making the whole thing an illustration but would like to try with an actual photo first. I have the photo (multiple to choose from). I uploaded a few photos. Just choose one. I also have more.

People wanting to get started to a fitter life.

I kind of like a "gingerbread man" sort of idea with arrows pointing to the parts as above. Not gingerbread man exactly but a rounded sort of illustration. Maybe like a street sign? The stick guy on the "pick up your dog's poop" sign maybe? The bathroom male/female symbols? Can't put my finger on it but you get the idea. Rounded, clean, non-cluttered. This time, however, and actual photo (provided).

Need to point to all the things you'd normally measure except calves. If illustration then calves too. Measurements to point to are: bust, chest, waist, hips, bicep, forearm, thigh. Would like to add a "and more" statement to the photo as we also measure back, claves, neck, etc.



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