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Hello all,

We run a cosmetic clinic that specializes in medical cosmetic treatments, such as LASER hair removal, LASER rejuvenation, LASER vein treatments, liposuction, botox, implants etc. Our main advantage is our high level of medical knowledge and skills, combined with the use of state of the art LASER technology.

We have decided that we need sub-brand images for each of our services. We face the problem of our customers not being aware of all of our services and it's hard to communicate all those features that make the service superior to the rest of the competition. We need an image that will communicate the service and all the features that accompany it, every time we refer to "that" service. We basically want to give our services a more "materialistic" look and personify them.

We want to start with LASER rejuvenation so this project will only be about that service. The winner, if he/she wants to, can take on the rest of the project, based on his winning entry, after discussing the terms in private.

LASER rejuvenation, in our clinic, can refer to non-ablative LASER rejuvenation (which barely penetrates the skin and activates fibroblasts in order for them to produce new collagen), LASER ablation (which basically melts the skin and reshapes it so that wrinkles disappear) and even non-LASER treatments, such as peelings etc. What we want to show through this image, is our ability to really alter the shape of the epidermis with the use of our knowledge and our superior LASER equipment. We want to focus on the micro-environment, instead of just showing a beautiful face like most of the competition does. We want to promote the scientific / medical aspect of the service and what is actually happening "under" the skin, not the end result that cheapens the service. We want to show that we "know" what we're doing and we know what's going on inside you when we perform such a treatment. And we need to show all that through one image. We want to show an abstract or relatively abstract image that shows the outside of the skin from a close distance (could be from a magnifying lens view, or even a microscope view) or the inside (like showing cells that produce collagen, or water cells or something that is connected with skin beauty and moisture and firmness etc). The image has to be dynamic and show that something is happening. That the inside of it is changing it to better support the surface and make it look firmer and healthier. But it has to be very intense to show the greatness of the results we can achieve.

We know we are intentionally a little vague, but this is only so that you let your imagination free and come up with something really unique, creative and effective. We have attached a picture that shows how LASER rejuvenation works (bottom layer is where fibroblasts are, which is the cells that are responsible for the production of elastin and collagen and then is the collagen which gets denser and more with the use of LASER, leading to the improvement of wrinkles and fine lines on the surface).

Customers that are thirsty for beauty :). Our customers appreciate our level of scientific knowledge and superior technical equipment. Showing such an image will hit a nerve and communicate / confirm our medical image and superiority.

If we were a construction company that was to communicate our speed at which we can build skyscrapers in a small area, this is the "sub-brand" image we'd like to have: http://www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup/...

We don't like multicolor illustrations. We really like one-color, minimalistic, smart and ingenious images. Ones that are very powerful and can communicate a central idea with as few as possible lines and colors.



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