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We want 10 small drawings of persons(typically 1, sometimes 2 or 3) that will be used for storyboarding how people use the mobile internet for specific consumer purposes. We want the graphics to help illustrate the use cases.

Mobegic (our company's working name) is a start-up providing software & services to retailers so that they can support consumers using browsers on their mobile phones, leveraging the company's existing web assets. We want to storyboard for our prospective customers (retailing executives) how their customers use their phone-based browser for information & services of particular importance to them.

Target audience: Retailing executives, but most specifically those who are responsible for the company's web site / web store. Age 35-50. Corporate mainstream, but more tech savvy with maybe a little edginess.

Number of images: we need 10 different images for the project price, therefore expecting simple

Mix of people depicted

- 3 age segments: 15-24, 25-34, 35-54

- mostly professionals & urbans, one or two craft people

- more gals than guys (it's retail)


- NOT in front of a PC

- City sidewalk, in parked car, on train, in a bookstore & an electronics store, in group office setting (eg, lunchroom?), at work in non-office setting, in social setting with 1 or two friends (see uploaded image "social shopping.png")

Actions / Uses

- Store locating, product finding, look up a how-to (perhaps on the job), sharing fun discovery w/ friend(s), arranging a product pickup

- Not expecting these actions per se to be illustrated; they are cited here to provide context

- Most actions will be very purposeful & directed; not "browsing"


- Most common use will be approx 1.5"x1.5", which presumably necessitates simplicity

- Need not be square; no objection to rectangular

- We don't envision using larger than 5"x5"

We could be using publically-available clip art for our needs. Functionally it's just right. But, sigh, there's not much style or excitement to be found there.

Style / Tone / Subliminals

- Mobile gives consumers greater ability to control their world, wherever & whenever; greater power.

- Although we are expecting simple, it would be great to have something with enough style & appeal that it could serve as our company's look.

- We need to appeal to the target audience that is fairly mainstream business

- Others who sell to the same audience advertise with Internet Retailer magazine, website, etc. A visit to www.internetretailer.com shows the kind of ads / looks that we need to distinguish ourselves from. We desire to somehow insert storyboarding into our ads to let the audience better envision how phones are used to access valuable web resources & services. Illustrated use cases..



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