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Our client is a big drug manufacturer. This drug company sends over a thousand sales representatives to meet with doctors every day. The sales reps goal is to quickly familiarize doctors about the benefits of a new drug.

Our client has recently given all of their sales reps Tablet PCs running Windows and Flash compatible. We are trying to convince the drug company that talented designers and animators can make great motion graphics presentations -- better than the usual PowerPoint the drug company uses now.


The assignment is for you to create a series of brilliantly innovative and completely understandable illustrations. These illustrations are for a presentation that will be shown on a Tablet PC. Your series of illustrations will be turned into a storyboard.

We have animators who will look at and use your winning illustrations to make a short 20 second interactive presentation.

You must use the information below in your illustrations. All of the brand and product information in this brief is fictitious. This drug does not exist. We just made this information up to help our client see that YOU designers and animators all over the world can be hired to make awesome presentations. If we succeed and get to work on this project, we will be working with crowdSPRING to make hundreds of new storyboards and animations during the next few months.


DOCTORS. Transplant surgeons and Transplant nephrologists who are VERY familiar with this information

Communication setting:

Sales reps from the drug company making Tasomune will be sitting one-on-one with doctors, meeting in the doctors office. The reps will be talking and using their Tablet PCs to communicate this information. The doctors will be experts on kidneys and kidney transplants they are Transplant surgeons and Transplant nephrologists in their office or in the transplant hospital. We are looking for a way to share the data below in an interactive setting, that keeps the rep involved and enhances the conversation with the surgeon or nephrologist. This is NOT an auto-play presentation. We want the reps to use the STYLUS to guide the presentation.

Communication Objective:

Show that Tasomune provides superior kidney function during the first year after a kidney transplant superior to the kidney performance of patients taking Product B after their transplant.

Fact for your presentation to communicate:

Kidney function is measured by something called GFR dont worry what GFR is, thats not important. What is important is the following: Before a kidney transplant, patients kidneys are malfunctioning and GFR is low, just 15 mL/min. Immediately after a kidney transplant and when taking Tasomune the patients GFR will climb to 65 mL/min and stay there throughout the first year after the transplant. After a transplant and when taking Product B, the patients GFR will only increase to 60 GFR of 65 mL/min indicates significantly better kidney function than 60 mL/min.


These are great reels.



But remember, our client is a big pharmaceutical company and our audience is doctors.


Screen size is 1280 x 800

20 seconds is the duration of the final presentation when given by a drug rep

No audio the sales reps are knowledgeable about the drug and will be doing all the speaking when they give your presentation.

Your storyboards need to take advantage of the touch screen capabilities of the Tablet PC format.

The final motion graphic animations created from your storyboards will be interactive...this will most likely not be a single flash animation, but rather an interactive tool that the rep can use to share the data and make a dramatic point in the conversation. A combination of great design and motion graphics. The sales reps will use the touch screen on their Tablet PCs to interact and guide your presentation.

Get creative with your storyboard designs for motion graphics!

Your presentation can ask questions that pay off with data answers; or tools that allow the rep to reveal data in interesting ways (not just animated charts and graphs)

If we like your storyboard, we will team you up with a tablet PC motion graphics animator.

NEED HELP? Just ask. Larry Lieberman, Forever Wild Productions, 212-358-0101, Larry@4ew.com



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