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Hi guys,

I need a header graphic for my new web site:


Take a look now so and see the current holding page. That's the style that the new header graphic will take.

This project requires you to provide vector files in Adobe Illustrator format. If you don't use Adobe Illustrator then do not enter this contest. I do not want files converted from PSD etc.

I am supplying most of the separate illustration pieces for you already completed in several EPS/AI files which are uploaded in "illustration-homes.zip" (the JPGs with similar names are all previews of the illustrations). This should greatly help you complete the project, and reduce the amount of work required.

Before I give you the full brief let me get one thing clear. I've run many spec projects now (here and on other sites like 99designs) and I understand that you get out what you put in.

I promise to rate and review every single entry. You will get solid feedback from me right from the start. That saves us both from wasting our time and it puts you exactly in the right direction when working on entries for me.

Right, on with the design...

My site:


Best Mortgage Deals is the name of the site. And that's what the site will provide. Great deals on a mortgage. The cheapest and best mortgage that you can get. It might be cheap, but it is also high quality.

But let's be clear: mortgages are boring.

The site design doesn't have to be boring though - and this is where you come in.

The current design:


First check the holding page here:


Then check out the uploaded image file named:


That file will show you what the current site prototype looks like.

Do you see that green and blue strip along the top of the image "best-mortgage-deals-current-design-prototype.png" that says "Best Mortgage Deals" in it?

That is the current header which needs to be replaced with your design.

What I want:


A header strip in the style of the current holding page, containing:

- The "Best Mortgage Deals" logo text

- Green rolling hills

- Blue sky

- Homes / houses

- Trees, bushes, plants, flowers

- Anything else you think would make it look nice

- A small flag pole - I will attach the uploaded "british-flag.png" image to this flag pole after I receive the final design, so make sure the flag pole is roughly the right size.

You should use the EPS/AI illustrations provided in the file "illustration-homes.zip" to help you produce the header.

What I do not want:


- Any clouds (I will add these later)

Technical spec:


Final design must be supplied in AI format (Adobe Illustrator) and use separate layers and objects, so I can tweak things afterwards if required.

The final bitmap output image I will generate from the AI file will be 3000 x 100 (3000 pixels wide, 100 pixels high).

The current basic header file is supplied in upload "current-header.png". Use this as a basic template. This is the size of the final image, so make sure your final image runs as wide as this.

The design in detail:


I want the whole width of the design to have a blue sky and green hills, very similar to the style of the hills and sky in the holding page and in the supplied illustration files.

I like the drop shadows and shading on the hills in upload file "green-hills.jpg" - so try and replicate that effect, but don't make the hills quite as steep as that.

Please try and stay close to the colors of the hills and sky in the current holding page. You can use any gradients and shading you like, but try to stay close to those shades of green and blue.


Now, only the middle third (the middle 1000px from the 3000px) needs to have anything really interesting in it. The other two thirds to the left and right just need green hills, flowers, plants, trees etc etc.

The middle third must be interesting. It must use the best pieces of the illustrations, e.g. the houses, the apartment block, the road etc etc. Only the middle 1000px pixels though, as this is all that most users will see on their screens.

The logo text must:


- Say "Best Mortgage Deals"

- Use the font in upload "rounded-font-face.zip"

- Be similar size to the one in the sample header "current-header.png"

- Use the same kerning as in the sample

- Start at the same horizontal position as in the sample (e.g. 1000px in from the left)

- Be roughly in the middle vertically



Final file must be in AI.



When uploading your design during the contest, only upload the MIDDLE 1000px (the most interesting part) for me to look at. I will trust that you've done an equally awesome job on the other 2000px.

I will rate and review every design!



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