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I'd like your help in communicating my packages and services. My company is a consulting company aimed at giving better pricing to NGO/NFP's and small businesses. My website is http://platformnine.com. The graphics I'm after from you will end up in here.

I'm after some very human, friendly graphics, that are still professional that communicate my offerings and rates. I'm not after dull colouring. The website is already dull. This is where I'm communicating my rates and services, this needs to be different. I like the beveled corner, the shiny boxes etc. Web2.0, you know what it looks like.

The source material is in a Google Spreadsheet. (http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=p...)

It contains 2 tabs, with 3 tables in total. My job for you is to convert these 3 tables into shiny graphics.



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