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Since 1952, the Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska ( http://www.santaclaushouse.com ) has mailed more than a million letters from Santa to children all over the world. Every personalized Santa letter is mailed directly from Santa Claus House and features a genuine North Pole postmark and Santas Official Mail seal.

This project is to design a Santa Dollar. The Santa Dollar will be an additional item included in the Original Letter from Santa package. It should be loosely based on the United States one dollar bill. This particular bill will be a one (1) Santa Dollar bill.

Do a Google Image search for Disney Dollars for the illustrative feel we are looking for. Additionally, for inspiration, you may look at http://www.americanartclassics.com and click on the AAC Novelty Money link on the left. This site is good for inspiration, although we much prefer the illustrated look of Disney Dollars. For Disney Dollars, here is a great page for high-res images: http://www.willcad.org/disney_dollars.sh...

We require design of the front AND the back of the bill. The final bill should be 6.14 wide x 2.61 high. The bill will be printed full color.

The obverse (front) of the bill should feature an illustration of Santa (in place of the President) which MUST be your original artwork. The reverse (back) should feature an illustrated interpretation of the photo of our store which is attached to this project. All other elements are left to your discretion. The illustrations mentioned above of Santa and the store can be embellished if you like.

The following phrase MUST be subtly located somewhere on the front of the bill: This Note Is NOT Legal Tender.

Also, somewhere on the back please subtly put the circle c (copyright) 2009 SCH, Inc.

The following phrases should also appear somewhere on the front of the bill at your discretion:

Santa Claus House

North Pole, Alaska

If you choose to use a serial number, please use: SCH2009NP

Any other elements are up to your discretion, and I am certainly available to answer any questions.

For further information on Santa Claus House, please visit http://www.santaclaushouse.com



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