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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are Global Dawn. We are a content and technology company who builds entertainment and engagement platforms. We believe in enthusing the world to participate in positive change. We believe you start this by making something that is entertaining. We believe that creative people can join with brands to make a difference as part of what David Cameron called 'The Big Society' We are looking for creative people to put forward suggestions how they could refresh something in their local community, country, world, through ideas, design, art, concepts be they large or small worthy or just down right fun but most of all something that would inspire others to get involved.

What do you need?

We need a photo/visual/illustration/piece of film that shows a before and something similar that shows an after. before inspiration after inspiration. not refreshed/refreshed. it could be a boring building, a depressing square, a wasted space, a dull party, speech, song, park, event, it could be a school, a council, train, tv show, a park, a river, a theme park a sport anything that you think could benefit from a bit of refreshing thinking a bit of creative transformation in your local area country etc. It could cost $500 or $50,000 to execute in real life, it just needs to be great. Send us the before and after examples, visualise them any way you can. remember we need before and after, the aim is to inspire people to get involved in your idea because at the end of the day the more people who are inspired the greater the chance of it happening.

Who Is Your Audience?

Your audience is 14-25 year olds who are looking for great inspirational ideas on how to refresh their world. People who are looking to get behind great ideas, get involved in great ideas that can make a difference to their life be it big or small. Life is dull that is why they need ideas, ideas that inspire them, make them look again, make them smile , make them laugh make them tell everybody they know. Make the ordinary extra-odinary. make them look again, laugh again.


We Like These Examples

Turning railway tracks into parks. Cassette boy. Painting power stations. topical ideas. game changing ideas. million phones idea. orange rock corps. Jonathan Harris. wefeelfine. free bicycles in paris. subtlemob.com

We Absolutely Must Have

A before and after shot/visualisation. we must have your idea by next tuesday. we must have fun. we must be inspired. tell us where in the world you live i.e town, city, state, country. where your project lives. what it is you want to refresh.



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