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An old time map. Hand drawn. Very clean. Like an old map to a new land. It has elements like - The River of What The Hell Did I Get Myself Into, Mountain Range of Stress, Tar Pits of Stagnation. I've drawn it out. I just need someone to make it look better. Clean and uncluttered is important. I don't anticipate much color. Maybe only 1.

Top 3 Things

1. The dangers of growing your business on your own. 2. There are a lot of dangers. 3. You can do it the hard way....by yourself or the easy way....with someone who knows what they're doing.

Additional Info

As you will see in the 2 sample maps I uploaded, there are 16 places/elements featured on the map. In the wrap-up, I would like a separate image file for each of those places/elements.

1. Here Be Dragons (the name of the land)
2. Black Tide of Risk
3. The Stress Mountains (each peak has a name Heart Disease Hill, Mt. Stroke, Mount Diabetes but the mountain range is 1 element)
4. Tar Pits of Stagnation
5. Forrest of Zombie Employees
6. Rocky Cliffs of Vanishing Sales
7. Valley of Endless Work
8. River of What The Hell Did I Get Myself Into?
9. Dessert of Sleepless Nights
10. Fog of Confusion
11. Plain of Forgotten Families
12. Fetid Swamp of Bad Leaders
13. Village of the Charlatans
14. Money Pit
15. Reflecting Pool of Self-Doubt
16. Figure of me (by the bridge / Now)

Here are links to styles that I have in mind (I want mine to have less unnecessary detail - I want my features/elements and their titles to stand out, so not a lot of extra trees and things that will be distracting)
https://goo.gl/images/GqQKrz - this one is probably better

I'd like the fonts of the text to be very readable.



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