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EcoAlign, our strategic marketing agency focused on energy and the environment (www.ecoalign.com), is seeking images or illustrations to make the environment or energy conservation more visible to the public. The project is an experimental one, but the images could be used by our agency and/ or our clients.

The concepts are loose, meaning that we are providing direction and a list to choose from on what the images should depict but highly encourage you to use your own creativity and vision for what these concepts may actually look like from your artistic perspective.

The style that you choose is up to you and could be anything ranging from mixed media, photography, graphic design, illustration, etc. The images could be figurative, abstract, or some combination. The only qualification is the following: more emotional images are preferable as opposed to commercial images oftentimes seen in advertising.

I would like you to choose from a list of concepts that would be visually represented. These concepts represent what may be useful to us in the short term. The list of concepts includes:

Light/ Efficient Lighting

Energy efficiency

A juxtaposition of old technology/ approaches vs new ones

Time of use pricing (using energy at different times of the day when it is cheaper)

Carbon management/ carbon credits (carbon is the main pollutant causing global warming, a per ton of emissions that will have a price)

Green buildings


Global warming

Natural resources

Going Green/ Being environmental

The above list is directional. If you have other ideas on concepts connected to energy and the environment, feel free to submit them.

The audience for this work are consumers, companies and other organizations interested in promoting renewable energy/ clean technologies, energy conservation and sustainability.

EcoAlign would own the images and use them for EcoAlign or EcoAligns clients. The artist may use the images for self-promotion, including but not limited to portfolio, web site, postcards, or any other self-promotion use. The artist agrees not to use or sell the images for any other purpose than self-promotion.

EcoAlign sees this as an experiment, and we are not really sure what you will come up. But we want you to have fun, be creative and pursue your own vision of what these concepts may look like.



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