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I need an illustration to open the spread for this story:

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES: More Than Delicious

When you buy a box of Thin Mints, youre not just humoring adorable little girls selling delectable, limited-time-only treats although they are that, adorable and delectable

Amanda N. is a veteran of many a campaign Girl Scout cookie campaign, that is. In her ten years of selling what a considerable number of Americans look forward to annually and cant get enough of, the 16-year-old has sold thousands of boxes. Her favorite of the eight current varieties: the chocolate-covered peanut butter patties known as Tagalongs.

Today in Austin she is rubbing pseudo-tattoos on the backs of the hands of younger Brownies and even younger Daisies who are getting their first tastes of the cookie-selling arts, in preparation for the sale that runs January 21-February 27, 2009.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the groups biggest fund-raiser, its coordination and execution a year-round concern, what with the orders, baking, shipping, booth set-up and, of course, training to sell. Most people just reap the rewards of all the hard work: a yearly fix of gooey caramel-chocolate, purchasing multiples of a favorite, nibbling a classic shortbread with every cup of coffee, pulling from the freezer in mid-August a frozen box of Thin Mints

Inside the Girls Scouts of Central Texas headquarters on a crisp November day, little girls (and some little brothers) joined in relays, role-playing, rodeos (in a virtual way) and blind-tastings (real ones) that held tips on marketing, speaking up and product knowledge. They raced around cones, hopped from one big cookie picture taped to the floor to another, and even waved frantically to be picked to be quizzed on what the big girls in a cookie-selling skit had play-acted the wrong way....

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Bright, colorful, messy, non-linear.

AREA: 12 inches wide x 7.56 inches high.

An area on the illustration that I can run copy over (header, deck, author credit) is required. It doesn't have to be white space, just some room. Feel free to incorporate the header into the illustration (GIRL SCOUT COOKIES: More Than Delicious).

I know we're not paying a lot for this, but I'd like to find someone who can contribute regularly. I have another long-term illustration gig for a publication I art direct, if I can find a candidate here, it could lead to work on that also. We're a start-up producing our own publication on our dime, believe me when I say that I do know how much your work is worth and I want to pay what is appropriate as soon as possible.

We'll also run a credit for you in the mag for the illustration.



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