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I would like that you design the logo and some dog cartoons for a web oscommerce. I want to have a pet store with just one product, so this web should be focused in sell one thing (I mean, no product section is needed i.e.). It is a vitamin dog supplement for fat dogs. It will make the dogs to lose weight. take "slimdoggy" as the name. If you think in a better name, you're wellcomed to do some variation. I'm doing the web programming and I need a designer


So, I need the logo, and some dog cartoons. If you do also some color and layout integration, it would be great, but I want to focus in the logo and the cartoons. The cartoons are needed for the different sections of the web. One for faq, other for a dog being slim, some other the product (bacon that makes the dog slim), contact with a dog doing something, and so on.

The webpage should be simple, may be with big buttos (2.0 style), but serious, with a sport-oriented view. One of the main images (also it may be the logo) could be a dog climbing a mountain. (Just an idea, I don't know).

I want a style simmilar to doggystylepetshop.com (please take a look at the file I attach to understand this). I want some dogs cartoons all over the page, a serious page, with a design funny touch. Dogs can be doing things related to each section; onw dog for the faq, some other lookinf across a window, some other showing his head over other menu option... you get the idea.

Anyway, you can give me some surprise, you're the professionals.

This other page has also an interesting design, its boring but really clean, and they also sell one product:


Timeframe for delivery: I need to have this up and running within 2 weeks.

Some examples that we liked in the logos.rar file . Please also check thinkings.doc document I attach some examples with some comments.

I'm not able to attach this file, is too big, please, download my thinkings about the design, to let you know more about my idea: http://rapidshare.com/files/292228395/th...


People that has fat dogs, or sligthly fat dogs, and want that they lose weight.Its for people with fat dogs, probable mdium age woman (or may be man), who is worried because his dog is a bit fat. We dont want to focus in the medical view, we want to focus in the healthy and sport way, and that they will take his perfect size.

Peoples lifestyle is sedentary, tipical mdium nortamerican or european person. But they want to do some exercise, and play with the dog to loose fat. This is a delicious dog treat to get the dogs lose weight and fight obesity.


I like brown and green colors, I think.



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