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We are a small sales/marketing company that sells kids sippy cups to mass merchansidsers i.e. wal*mart. We currently sell a line of opening price-point sippy cups in the kids section. The sippy cups feature a patented technology no-leak lid and an hour glass shaped plastic bottle body. The lid has a easy-to-drink spout with a unique splat pattern molded into the lid at the base of the spout. The body is see-through plastic tinted with color and a wrap is used to decorate the bottles. The wrap is high quality and uses 4-color process. We are looking to upgrade our creative designs on our sippy cup bottles. We have develped a new name, Splat and positioning, but need creative ideas on designs.


Deliverables: 1 creative design ideas for boys and 1 creative design ideas for girls.

Objective: Develop creative design ideas that bring together the image of Splat with things that are kids favorites. The key will be to utilize the unique creative aspects of Splat, explained below, in a new and refreshing fun way to relate to kids favorite things, explained below. It is the jutaposition of the ideas that kids are messy and are going to make a mess with a product that does not make a mess, leak-proof valve.

Splat Creative: Splat is all about just having fun. Most kid brand are educational or performance. Splat is about fun. Making fun out of the times kids are drinking. The best way to think of Splat is to think of a paintball that has just exploded, or think of a drop of paint that has been dropped on the floor in a splat. A place to start would be to think of a puddle of blue paint on the floor, the splat, and something that is a kids favorite thing interacts with the puddle, this is where the creative ideas start! Starter ideas: paw prints leading from the puddle to a puppy licking his blue paws, a puppy with a blue nose dripping with blue paint drops or a princess wand that has been dipped in blue paint is waving across the sky with blue drops falling all around...

Boy favorite things: dinosaurs, trains, trucks, dogs, animals, sharks/fish, blue ribbons/medals, motorcycles, sports cars, anything sports (no logo's)

Girl favorite things: princesses, cuddly puppies/kitties, butterfiles, ribbons/air bows, animal prints,

Both: Kids respond to BIG eyes, BIG smiles, Exagerrated features and emotions. Celebrate the crazy, funny, innocent and clever things kids say and do. They have a unique perspective of the world, things that are a mess to us are interesting and funny to them. Creative ideas should capitalize on this thinking. "cute" "active" "endearing"

Don't stress the small stuff, celebrate the mess and the fun.


Little Kids 2 years old to 6 years old.

All races. All religions. All creeds. All suburban, rural and urban. It does not matter all have to drink and use sippy cups.

Kids today are very busy. Always on the go. They are always challenged with educational things or having to perform. Splat says just let them have some fun. Every parent has stories about their kid when they did something funny, silly, crazy, stupid, etc... lets celebrate these times... the controlled mess.


Best examples of splat are paintball splats, snowboard design splats, art splats, nickelodeon splats (old corporate logo), etc...

... and the favorite things of kids come from everyday life or books and TV... books like Scholastic: "commotion in the ocean" and/or how do dinosaurs say good night?" or I can read: "bathtime for biscuit" and/or "going to the sea park"


The link between the Splat idea and the favorite things of kids to relate too. The splat paint, drops, references, etc need to be integrated or used by kids favorite things. This is the key link and difference for the brand.

No logo design work needed. Already complete.

Creative ideas should be clever and relate to kids.

No reference to death nor criminal activity accepted.



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