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What do you do?

'we' is just 'me' -- I'm interested in various aspects of science, technology, and art, and am currently setting up a space where I can work on a few projects. I have a 33ft (10m) wall that I would like to cover with a custom mural printed on rolls of vinyl.

How many pages of illustration do you need?


Does your illustration need to be a particular size?

Ultimately, the image will cover an entire wall (33ft x 11ft (10m x 3.25m)). However, this is the 'Concept' phase of the project, and the resolution requirements are being relaxed. [See 'Additional Info' for a full concept description and other details.]

Target Audience

What is your industry?


Describe the target audience for your illustration

Me, and my friends -- 'commercial considerations' are not important. This is an art project -- I just happen to like the look of digitally created art (and the crowdSpring experiment seems fun).

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your lillustration?

[See 'Additional Info' for a full concept description and other details.]

Style and Concept

What lillustration styles do you like?

[See 'Additional Info' for a full concept description and other details.]

What colors do you want to see in your illustration?

[See 'Additional Info' for a full concept description and other details.]

What colors do you NOT want to see in your illustration?

[See 'Additional Info' for a full concept description and other details.]

What adjectives should best describe your illustration?

Cowboy-surfer-cyberpunk (minus the 'punk')

[See 'Additional Info' for a full concept description and other details.]

Where will you use the illustration (print, website, etc.)?

33ft x 11ft (10m x 3.25m) Mural for a creative space

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

Creative Spec:

There are fairly specific concept requirements for the scene composition as well as general guidelines for the rendering style that are meant to go along with the title 'Intergalactic Fascia.'

Scene Concept:

The scene should depict an alternate, beautiful reality in which humanity lives (chills) in an infinite, interconnected mesh of hammocks. This network of hammocks is a kind of space-time fascia -- it is the Universe's connective tissue which binds all beings. The mesh is sparse -- perhaps miles separate each hammock -- but the vastness of it all, connected together by strands of rope, somehow creates a self-sustaining structure -- not all that different then the reality of atoms in solid matter -- mostly, it's all empty space, and yet it all couples together to form something strong. And as stars in empty space cluster to form galaxies, similar macro-structure emerges in this infinite span of hammocks. Each person is totally alone in their hammock -- which is the truth -- we are all both completely alone and completely connected. But these humans have found peace with this truth, and are full of calm and bliss [of the sort you feel in shavasana , or when an acupuncture needle hits that perfect spot between your forehead, or while sleeping on a beach or sitting high in a tree]

There are a few rules... Except for the metaphor of the 'rope network' -- there should be no other references to technology -- no electronics, or wires, or gadgets, -- no text or logos either. The spirit should very much feel like now -- but the specific details could be from anywhere in the last hundred years. The feel should be peaceful, not edgy -- not futuristic, except that perhaps this could be a nice future for all of us -- bright, colorful, not dark -- happy, hopeful, complicated, truthful, bliss, and sweet -- but dont forget complicated!

[So, you have a choice -- you can stop reading now, and just create whatever comes to mind (though there are a few technical details you should consult at the bottom) -- or read along as more details are fleshed out for one specific scene concept]

In particular, the focal point of the image is one large hammock that runs the full length of the wall, with the perspective arranged in a creative way so that the infinite network is visible stretching into the horizon (perhaps instead of using a true side view, the hammock could be rotated 10-15 degrees into the wall). On this hammock is a girl; she is a mlange of many cultures perhaps she is wearing cowboy boots, and a kimono (or maybe just an obi), with a fedora covering her purple hair as she naps, or maybe she is strumming her guitar. Maybe her clothes blend African or Native American cultures; maybe her skin is light blue-ish. Maybe her dog naps in a small hammock attached to hers like a sidecar on a motorbike. An elaborate sun umbrella could provide her with shade. Maybe her body type is like Princess Mononoke [see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Prince... ] or maybe Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim movie [see http://celebsalon.sheknows.com/funky-hai... ]. Many, many possibilities.

(Choosing a female seems right, but is not necessary; in any case, the piece should connect to all genders.)

Rendering Style:

The image should be rendered in a style consistent with the theme, but also in a way that takes advantage of the large format and high resolution printing offered by a mural viewing the mural from two feet should be just as enjoyable as observing from 30 ft away. The rendering style is the place where the artist is encouraged to think digitally, express their individuality, and to push boundaries but in a way that remains consistent with the spirit of the project. Perhaps using textures so lush they could only be achieved by computer so the viewer connects to theme, but thinks to themselves This would have taken years to create by hand. Or maybe not maybe it would feel like a frame from a Miyazaki animation converted into a sprawling tattoo that runs from ceiling to floor. Or maybe something in the style of Chiho Aoshima (but perhaps not). But ultimately the image should be an illustration, rather than a photorealistic rendering.

Heres a very wide array of rendering styles to consider. Not all are necessarily appropriate for this project, and several of the pieces are not ideal when considered as a whole, but hopefully the samples indicate the degree of stylistic risks the artist are encouraged to take.

Deviant Art:

Chiho Aoshima:

Random Windows 7 Backgrounds::
[See attached files]

Aerial Yoga:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRrc52Ies... (Fast forward to time point 1:15)
Technical Details:
The image will be split vertically and printed on 5ft rolls of vinyl and used to cover a wall which measures 32ft 10 inches (9.99 m) wide by 10ft 8 inches (3.24m) high. [See the attached file: wall_reference_panorama_stitch.JPG for a picture.] The aspect ratio of the image can be set precisely using these dimensions, but for simplicity, a ratio of 31:10 may be used. Raster submissions should be a minimum of 3100x1000 pixels. (Vector images should be created at full wall size, 150 dpi). Due to the installation process and the walls being fairly irregular, approximately 0-6 inches will be trimmed from the bottom, 0-12 inches from the top, and 0-6 inches from each side. Also you can see in the picture there are a few odds and ends at various places near the floor and ceiling -- my suggestion is to ignore this, but in case it helps, the obstructions are no more than 13 inches from the floor and 19 inches from the ceiling.

Submissions may be either vector or raster, and may be in any platform/software neutral format, though EPS is preferred for vector, and TIFF for raster (Any final raster deliverables should be delivered in a losslessly compressed format -- if necessary via usb stick).

Note: It was an intentional decision to allow both vector and raster submissions -- to allow artists the ability to use the tools they prefer, but also because of an internal bias towards works produced in Painter/Photoshop. (Its a fairly slight bias, in the end, the most appelaing work will be chosen regardless of how it was created or other technical issues) The resolution requirements for raster images were intentionally left well below the final requirement so that the project would be accessible to artists without high end workstations. If a low resolution raster is selected as the winner, the task of recreating in higher resolution would be addressed later, perhaps as another crowdSpring project. However, if you are able to work uncompressed at 100dpi resolution for the full wall size (you probably need around 32-64GB of RAM), you are definitely encouraged to do so, and if your project is selected, it seems likely we could find some way to work with crowdSpring to increase the award size to compensate for the higher resolution deliverable.

Thanks, and good luck!



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