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The Illinois Technology Foundation works with other Illinois organizations to coordinate public and private programs that seek to fortify what we call the "Illinois Technology Ecosystem".

The Ecosystem contains all those components in the Illinois Technology arena that are interdependent. Here's a list of components that we've come up with so far:

Primary Components

Human Capital (IT workers/talent, fill jobs in Illinois, consume training)

Illinois Technology Foundation (facilitator -

strengthens connections between companies, students, academia and governmental efforts)

Corporations (consume talent, feed expertise to schools, create jobs)

Secondary Components




Primary & Secondary Schools

National Worker Pool

Career Training Centers

Here is what we need: The Foundation is currently working on two major projects: 1. funding an advanced technology high school in Chicago, and 2. building a network of businesses, universities and students who can connect and work together more efficiently.

We need an illustration of the Ecosystem to help explain our view of the Illinois Technology space.

We need this illustration to clearly portray how schools and businesses are interdependent.

Hopefully this illustration will help inspire greater involvement with the Foundation and investment towards its efforts to strengthen the ecosystem.

The illustration will be used at the top of this brochure:


In the future we may include this illustration in presentations and on a website.

We don't yet have a logo for the foundation yet. So it would be great if some element of the illustration could later lend itself to an icon or logo representing the Illinois Technology Foundation.

Here are some ecosystem illustrations that make sense to us:





Our target audience is primarily corporate and deep pocket donors. Secondary targets include all shareholders: students, companies, academia, and government.



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