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I'm launching BizNinjas.com and need illustrations of ninjas for the site. I need seven ninjas in all with two illustrations per ninja (two different poses) for a total of 14 illustrations, all done in vector format. Each ninja should have a different color ninja suit, with some slight variations in height and overall character.

BizNinjas.com will post one article a day geared towards helping business people make more money and become more successful running their company. We'll cover small, medium, and big business, entrepreneurs, startups, and all the operational, marketing, and sales jive in between.

We'll add a smart, sometimes-smartass voice and POV to our content and need the illustrations to be fun, poppy, bold, clear, and bright. Anime style is cool, but it needs to be simple. Short and squat ninjas will probably work best.

Each ninja should have two poses: one in action- doing a flying kick, wielding a sword, sneaking about, the other pose should have the ninja doing some sweet ninja pose for the camera- standing with palms together, posing in crane position, one leg out straight to the side with arms up ready to rock, etc...

The ninjas will be grouped together at the top of the header on the home page and each ninja will be featured by itself at the top of a category- one ninja per category.

The colors used should be:

- Black

- White

- Red

- Dark Blue

- Light Blue

- Green

- Dark Purple

Any questions about this can be sent to my email address sheagunther@gmail.com



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