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SchedJoules turns static subject-location-time based information about events (eg. Subject: Liverpool - Arsenal, Location: Anfield Road, Date: Saturday November 10th, Time: 8pm-9.45pm) into exciting little marketing machines which can have a life of their own.

We do that with our Event Distribution Hub (EDH). The EDH is a webbased application to which the event information of our clients is added and interactive event information comes out (for instance .ics-files, IM-bots or text messages).

Customers of our clients can then add these events to calendars (like iCal, Outlook and Google Calendar), Instant Messengers (like Skype, MSN and AIM), mobile phones (receive text messages and vCals), social networks (like Facebook, Hyves and Bebo) and email.

An example: NBC is a large TV-network with loads of TV-programs. Our application ensures that visitors can add the complete season of the series House to their Google Calendar for example. Or they can add the House-bot to their list of friends in Skype so they will be informed which a chat message every time an episode is on TV. Or they get informed by receiving a text message on their mobile phone.

Benefits For our clients are the benefits of transforming static event information into interactive event information so they can be transported to different channels like mobile phones, calendars and instant messengers for example:

- more tickets sold (because people see the date of the concert in their iCal including a link to ticket sales) - more viewers to TV-programs (because people get notified when their favorite show is on)

- Better informed citizens (because people exactly know when the trash has to be out)

- Less no-shows in restaurants (because people see in their calendar when they made a reservation) - Cross-selling (I see in my calendar for what date I booked a flight, and in the free text field of this calendaritem are ads for a hotel and a car rental service).

The benefits for the customers of our clients are of course that theyre Always and Better informed! :-)

Target audience Our target audience are people working in Marketing and New Media at a company or organization that has events.

This can be all sorts of companies like TV Channels (programs), online event publishers (theatres and concerts), Sports companies (match schedules), Cities (City Marketing), Fortune 500 companies (Report dates etc) etc etc.

Here is what were looking for:

Our website is very basic with just a homepage and a contact page and is aimed at businesses wanting to transform their events.

You can see our website at http://www.schedjoules.com/demo/index.ht.... Its not finished yet, but the illustration will go in the grey area in the top of the homepage.

The grey/black square at the top is just to indicate where the illustration will go - feel free to choose any background color you want for the illustration.

We want an illustration that communicates the process of clients giving us their static event information and in return we give them their interactive events which lead to the benefits mentioned.

The illustration is preferably very basic with 3 or 4 images that describe what we do with as little text as possible (preferably none).

Here are some styles we like:




Extra points for minimalistic, simplified + clever illustrations :)



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