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I am a self publisher based in the United Kingdom, who specializes in the writing and publication of educational childrens material aimed at teaching them about money and how to manage it better.


I am looking for an illustrator to provide illustrations for a series of 10 childrens stories that I have written, as well as to set the pages in a print ready format involving the layout, text etc. I would also be looking at the provision of the design for the front and back covers as these will be based primarily on one of the illustrations within the story.

The stories all revolve around the same gang/group of friends (i.e., something similar to the famous five except that mine are embarking on a series of moneysmart adventures).

Although each story ranges from 1000 - 1500 words, I am looking to have each story spread over 21 portrait style (H: 213 by W: 165mm) pages, so I'm looking at a picture for every page.

Illustration Requirements

Each illustration will be a colored and full scene illustration involving several, if not all of the characters.

The characters are:

Ade - African (7yrs old) with black hair - same height as Max

Max - English with blond hair (7yrs old)

Lily - English with blond hair (5.5 yrs old)

Meg - English, freckled with red hair (6 yrs old)

Jasmine - Asian with black hair. (7 yrs old)

Max and Lily are siblings.

Ade and Max are best friends.

I want the drawings to be cartoon like, and to tell the story in a fun way that captivates my young audience (ages 4-8). Ideally, when looked at, I want people to see how easily, these characters could be made into TV characters. I have attached 2 examples of the style of cartoon drawings that I like.

Cover Design Requirements

I want a front and back cover design for each story, using one of the illustrations within the story, as well as some space for the company logo etc.

The reverse side of the front cover will display the cover page of all the other titles in the series.

On the reverse side of the back cover, there will be some text (Practical Tips section)

The plan is to use exactly the same format for all 10 stories, with just the titles, and featured illustration picture changing.

Layout Requirements

Overall, I would like the story laid out in the following way:

Front cover;

Reverse of the front cover with boxes depicting all the title in the series including this one

Copyright page as in the attached

21 pages of the story with illustrations

Following 2 pages for the questions/discussions (as in the attached)

reverse side of the back cover with the Practical Tips

Back cover.

Thus overall, there will be 24 inner pages.

Please note that the budget indicated is for the completion of the illustration and design of the attached story).

However, whoever illustrates and lays out the design of the attached story to my satisfaction will be awarded the project for the completion of the other 9 stories at a rate of $200 each, as I need a consistency of style and characters.

As you can see, I am on a very tight budget, thus I am looking for someone who will enjoy this project, and is embarking on it for the love of drawing, and the opportunity to add to their portfolio, and potentially work on further projects at a better rate, once the brand is established.

I intend for the final artwork to become my exclusive "lifetime property" for UNLIMITED USE IN ANY FORM, print or online, and with regards to payment, I am looking at a onetime flat fee, with no royalties.


Children aged 4-8, parents, teachers, schools, bookshops


I have attached 2 designs that I like and a sample layout (GreenIslandSample.jpeg)



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