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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We're a multimedia company based in the Middle East and our mission is to document, promote and preserve local cultural traditions. We specialize in programming on education, the environment and cultural heritage, and produce high quality, original media content in Arabic and English, for distribution through a variety of entertainment platforms.

What do you need?

We would like to create culturally-appropriate education content through the creation of characters that are familiar to children in the Gulf. In the same way that Sesame Street and Barney have been so successful in teaching American children through television characters, we will create a suite of characters that will teach toddlers through adolescents in television programming, games, reading materials, and interactive social media.

The primary characters in our Edutainment suite are Beshasha, an Emirati racing camel, Fallah the Falcon, and Antarr the Arabian Stallion.

Who Is Your Audience?

Children across the Middle East, with a strong focus on the Gulf region.


We Like These Examples

We like the hugability of Big Bird and Barney and their lack of rough edges. Large eyes tend to attract children. Snoopy's nose and smaller body could be adaptable for the camel or horse.

We Absolutely Must Have

The characters should immediately appeal to children and must be culturally sensitive to Middle Eastern tastes.

We need to see the characters in various incarnations: as 3 dimensional characters that would look good when a person is inside the characters' costume, but also adaptable to a 2D profile for use in animations or with a logo. The 3D characters must stand on 2 feet and have functioning arms/wings.

Character names should be included: Beshasha the Camel, Fallah the Falcon, Antarr the Arabian Stallion.

All animals should be endearing and fun loving, but imbued with a sense of pride and wisdom. We don't want over-the-top caricatures.

Beshasha is a sleek and graceful reddish/brown camel, with long eyelashes and engaging eyes, a motherly soul and very caring. Straight ears pointing up and her lower lip slightly protruding down are both signs of beauty in a camel.

Fallah the Falcon, though a fierce raptor, is gentle with children, and very wise. He might wear reading glasses.

Antar the Arabian Stallion is strong spirited and athletic. A handsome stud, he is king of the ranch and brash and playful.

We're open to color choices in the illustrations (as Barney is purple and Big Bird is yellow), but have described the actual colors when filming the real animals in live action shoots .
All three characters should have their own primary color.



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