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About us:

Hello! We are Global Clean Energy Holdings, Inc. (www.gceholdings.com), a Los Angleles based bio-fuel feedstock production company. While our website will need some work soon, right now I am trying out CrowdSpring regarding our need for a graphic illustration of our Carbon Offset/Credit.

Our primary business is planting-growing Jatropha trees in Latin America. These trees produce an inedible fruit which contains a seed very high in oil content. This oil is then refined into bio-fuel (for both diesel and jet engines). A byproduct of our bio-fuel business is the Carbon Offset / Credit we receive for planting the millions of trees and "growing" the fuel.

Why do we get a Carbon Offset/Credit? When the renewable fuel from our crude jatropha oil (CJO) is used, it can be assumed that it is being used INSTEAD OF fuel derived from fossil fuel oil. Thus this renewable fuel (which emits CO2 when burned but then uses CO2 to grow) is offsetting the Fossil Fuel (which liberates new CO2 into the atmosphere.)

We sell our certified Carbon Offsets/Credits to US based individuals and companies that wish to voluntarily offset their carbon footprints. The dollars go directly to planting enough trees to offset the said carbon footprint.

What we need:

At this point, I am looking for a graphic that visually captures the process above:

A CO2 Neutral cycle of using Renewable Fuel from the Jatropha Trees on one side (the trees cycling in CO2 from the atmosphere, creating the fruit, then the oil, then the fuel, which is burned by autos/trucks/planes, which emit the CO2 back into the atmosphere, which is then recycled back into the tree...)....

and then on the other side..

the newly Liberated CO2 from the Fossil Fuel (coming from below the ground fossil fuel oil, oil turned into fuel, then burned by autos/trucks/planes, liberating new CO2 into the atmosphere, which is not recycled).

Showing the 2 cycles side-by-side hopefully will help visually explain the CO2 offset.

Of course, there also is the CO2 benefit of planting-growing the trees because they capture and hold CO2 as they grow (part of photosynthesis.) For this illustration however, I want to focus on the Credit/Offset created by the usage of the renewable fuel instead of fossil fuel.

Our Audience:

Our audience will be anyone to which we are trying to explain the overall process... From Marketing and Selling our Carbon Offsets/Credits to individuals and businesses... to presentations we give at conferences.. and of course, I would probably post on our website.



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