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DragFools.com aims to be the premier community site for drag racing enthusiasts of all ages, all over the world.

The target market: men and women of all ages, children over 10 years, pros and newbies to the sport

Our website opening statement will be, essentially:

Have a blast with your DragFools.com membership! Its designed and driven by fools just like you who are CRAZY in love.. nah, absolutely OBSESSED with drag racing!

You dont have to be rich (but it always helps!) to be a DragFool! As you already know, its for everyone!

Whats more fun than being foolish? Making the most noise? Making the biggest burnout? Savoring the edge of disaster and insanity as we scream towards the finish line?

Well, all DragFools are welcome here! This is HOME to all of you!

This is where you can brag about your successes, curse your failures, toast to your fellows, trade lies, console a buddy, seek advice, trade parts and rigs

DragFools is YOURS, starting with your own personal page. From there, invite all your buddies to join you, to exchange videos, pics and sounds of your last run and plan for your next meet.


What We Are Looking For

We need a set of characters that will represent the DragFools Family. These will be the characters to been seen within our DragFools.com website. They will also adorn merchandise, bumper stickers, etc.

We will be also consider establishing a long term relationship with the winner for the further development of the characters winning this design competition. We may as well want to feature the characters in animated clips.

Our ideas for this DragFool family embrace possibly a stone-age family ala Flintstones. But instead of having stone-age vehicles, they will be riding dragsters, hot rods and tuners. These ideas should not be considered a constraint upon each contestants creativity, however, for anything goes!

The DragFool father could be a tough looking (possibly Neanderthal-type) man with a beautiful wife. They have a son that looks a lot like his father and a daughter that looks like her mother.

You should know that drag racing enthusiasts often call each other knuckle draggers, which may be helpful in creating the male character.

As far as the logo, we are really liking the idea of the Rat Rod concept. We think we need to have our own type of Fool in a dragster maybe dragging his knuckles of one hand and grabbing onto the steering wheel with the other. The main concept of this figure is to exaggerate the figure, show how crazy and nuts he really is.

His hair should be flying back and the skin on his face should be stretched kind of like if you were to flying in jet and you were pulling 5 Gs. The only face parts staying in place would be the forehead, eyeballs, nose, lips and chin. Everything else would be pulled back during the 8-10 seconds of the 1/4th mile race.

After interviewing some of these drivers and motorcycle riders we came to the conclusion that they are running on pure adrenalin, they live for the rush, in a way they are saying that speed is better than sex. They like being in the spotlight the center of attention. It's the speed, horse power, and excitement that they thirst for.



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