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About Your Company

We are a wood flooring contractor marketing toward architects and designers. We intend on donating a portion of each sale toward shelters.

We are interested in creating a piece of art that will appeal to genuinely artistic professionals. Our target market appreciates artistry, cleverness, and engaging design - the kind of piece that is display worthy.


How illustration will be used

We are looking to create a piece of art that can be used on our packaging, boxes, and bags. It will repeat as necessary to cover the sample box, (to be clear the box is 5 1/4" x 8 1/4" in the front and 5 1/4 x 101/2" on the side) the wood fence will cover the sides of the box as well with a repeat of the "nose" at some placement. Nose should be a "knot" like in the photo shown and should be appealing enough to display on a bookshelf (see attached image for concept and inspiration).




5 1/4" wide by 8 1/4" height and repeat around the box

Organic, Luxurious, Masculine, Complex, Youthful, Concrete, Playful, Classic
Colors to Explore





We need one illustration to display on packaging materials (boxes, packaging, and bags). There is no copy necessary - we only want to see the illustration. However, there should be space that can organically incorporate the copy "Dogwood: SIT STAY SPEC and "A Designer’s Best Friend" on the bottom of the box which I will add in at a later time.

We are looking for a realistic style of illustration. We want the concept to be a dog's nose coming through a knotted wood fence (as the knot) . We have attached a photo as an example of this idea.

The illustration should be artistic, compelling, engaging, and playful but profesional. We are professionals and are looking for a professionally designed illustration, but are not looking for anything cold, flat, or boring.

The illustration should surprise, delight, and emotionally move the viewer.

Top 3 Things

Compelling, artistic, emotive

Additional Info

The attached images should be used for inspiration only, as we do not own the rights to any of them.

The illustration can be repeated as necessary to cover the box (we are only looking for one illustration).



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