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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Hape is an international manufacturer and distributor of high quality wooden toys. One of our brands, Educo, is a well-known brand that is available in the specialty toy, gift, etail and select retail market. The Educo brand includes role play, infant and toddler toys, magnetic mazes and bead and wire mazes. This project relaunches the puzzle category.

What do you need?

Illustration design for a child's wooden knob puzzle.

Puzzle Category: Chunky Wood Knob Puzzle
Deadline: 07/20/10
Deliverable: Electronic EPS
Size of finished product: No larger than 9x9 inches
Color: PMS
Print quality: 300 dpi
Note: Will be silk screened

4 chunky wood knob puzzles
Contest is for production of the Travel theme puzzle with a car, plane and boat. Winner does three more project themes and completes them no later than 07/31/10.

Pets: Fish, Dog, Cat
Vehicles : Car, Plane, Boat
Zoo: Giraffe, Lion, Elephant
Toys: Ball, Pull toy, Rocking Horse

Scenes should consist of these mentioned shapes/figures plus a background. Puzzle frame can be of any shape that fits within 9 x 9.

See my other contests for more puzzle illustration projects.

Art Direction:

This category is for children 12 months and up. At this age, simple shapes in bold bright colors are essential.

Please use the color educo color palette prominently. It can be viewed here:

Generally we need to create a look for educo that represents a fun, wholesome, timeless brand. The illustration style should reflect this, however, the characters or vehicles should not have a cartoon style. The design should be colorful and yet suggest that quality wood is used. The style should not be related to a specific nationality or part of the world (ex. Anime). The illustration needs to be original artwork --- do not use clip art.

Each category of puzzle should have a similar illustration style. The design should incorporate a standard branding or signature of Educo either in the placement of the logo or border or frame (even after it is removed from the shrink wrap and packaging. Should we repeat miniature figures of the puzzle artwork around the frame? We need of suggestions from the designer.

The educo logo needs to be placed on the lower edge (footer) of the puzzle frame.
This can be downloaded at https://hapetoys.box.net/shared/static/b...

Learn more about educo at www.hapetoys.com.

Once paid, the artwork belongs to Hape, owner of the educo brand.

Who Is Your Audience?

Moms, dad and caregivers and of infants and toddlers; Giftgivers. All who appreciate good design.


We Like These Examples

This bear puzzle has a wonderful shape: https://hapetoys.box.net/shared/static/a...

This is our competitors knob puzzle range: http://www.melissaanddoug.com/dyn_prodli...

We like this design style: https://hapetoys.box.net/shared/static/3...

We Absolutely Must Have

Stunning, eye-catching, playful image that will engage a young child. A grouping of illustrations that promote the look of Educo. Educo logo in border. Illustration that brands or provides a signature look to the puzzle category.



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