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I need an artist or illustrator to develop a character that will appear in numerous outdoor activities. The design needs to be simple, and will be used on t-shirts, frisbees, and other merchandise. At this point, I would like submissions for a male character, but I may want to develop a female counterpart at a later time.

I am after something very similar to the "Life is Good" line of products, with the character Jake and his dog. I am thinking of something that is stick-figure based, but has more details than a true stick figure. Again, the Life is Good series is the best explanation for what I am visualizing.

For this initial project, please submit your character doing one of the following outdoor activities: camping, Jeeping, skiing, mountain biking, or hiking. Again, keep the image simple...not too much detail. My suggestion...visit the Life is Good website or go to a store and look at the many different images on the shirts, cups, etc. I am not looking to copy their exact product, but it best explains what I am picturing.

I am planning to develop a whole series of images that would include at least a dozen settings for the character that we develop together. If you want to submit your character in more than one outdoor setting, that would give me a better idea of what you can do.

I am not looking for submissions that are overly detailed or look realistic/life-like. The character needs for me a fun, active, and healthy cartoon character.

Please do NOT submit your work if you are not willing to release the copyright to me in my name. I need to protect this work and be able to limit its use for strictly the use that I intend or determine.



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