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I would like two "Shag" style characatures (do a Google search on "Shag").

The characters will be based on my wife and I. For my wife a good example of want I want is the woman at: http://www.shag.com/Immoderates/Elephant...

My wife has blond hair and should be holding a tiki mug. I like the sunglasses in the example. The view should be of her head to toe facing forward or at a slight angle (as opposed to cut off at the knees in the example).

For me, a good example of what I want is at:

http://www.shag.com/CaliforniaSun/Pismo.... man). I have blond hair that is a little longer than the example, I am big like the example, but not as thin in the waist and my face is more round than square. I should be wearing short pants, an Aloha shirt (also known as a Hawaiian shirt) with a tiki motif and I should be holding a tiki mug. My legs should be a little thicker. The view should be of me head to toe facing forward or at a slight angle.

A good example of a tiki mug is at http://www.shag.com/ConspicuousConsumpti... however you can also do a search of Shag tiki mugs for examples.

The two characatures should work well together but should also work if separated. Colors should be in the Shag style.

Doing them as if they are posing for a photograph is great with a Shag tiki style background would be great, but I do also need the individual characatures with no background as well.

Feel free to ask questions.



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